The Disaster Recovery Myths Worth Dispelling

Disaster Recovery is no longer in the dark ages. It’s more reliable, efficient and affordable than it ever has been. However, some business owners still believe the myths about Disaster Recovery, even though they are no longer True!

Tape Backups are the best Disaster Recovery solution
Tape is a physical object that deteriorates over time.

The Cyber Security Stats You Need to Know – For SMBs

Often in Business, you can't really appreciate the scale or effectiveness of things until you put numbers to them. These Cyber Security Stats will give you a better understanding of what is really happening with cyber security right now, where you may be vulnerable and, as a result, what it could cost you if you are affected.

Businesses are buying Cyber insurance “in a mad panic”

Cyber attacks are only becoming more powerful and frequent. Annual losses from cyber crime now top £290 billion, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies Estimates.

Charl van der Walt of SecureData says that so many businesses are buying cyber insurance “in a mad panic”.

Ransomware, which became popular in 2016, is particularly common.

Take on 2018 with a New IT Support Partner

For small to medium businesses, a new year means new goals. Whether this be to grow your company or to improve your internal operations, there is only one question that really matters.

Are you determined to make this year count?

If so, it may be time to consider a new IT Support partner.

Our Best Moments of 2017

2017 was a great year for Ingenio technologies. We grew our turnover by 25%, employed 5 new members of staff, increased the sizes of our offices, introduced a new service, and have supported many charities and good causes.
We’ve picked out our favourite moments of this incredibly fast year.

The Best Solution for Your Business Challenges

Every business differs, and so does the day-to-day challenges that come with it.

You can skim through this blog to the challenge you identify with and discover the best solution for your problem.

Not only will these solutions increase the productivity of your business, but it will also greatly decrease your spending and make your operations smoother.

We’re Rebranding! Farewell Computer-eyez

Today we have some very exciting news to share! We are introducing our new brand to the world…*Drum Roll*…












Strategic Partners in Your Business

Since Computer-eyez was founded in 2005 by James Batchelor & Simon Smyth, the company has grown to 12 employees, grown to over £1 million turnover, expanded offices, achieved a 98% client retention rate, introduced new services, supported many charities, achieved an overall 97.5% positive customer satisfaction, and created a helpful and positive culture in the office.

What Is It Actually Like To Have Our Support?

Not a lot of Tech companies can really explain what your experience with them will be like. It’s only when you use their services do you find out what it’s really like.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could know what your experience with a company will be like before you take their services? It would save a great deal of time and money.