Why are businesses using VoIP?

November 5th, 2017 VoIP

VoIP phone systems have come a long way. Today, they’re an integral part of small- to medium-sized businesses’ telecommunications strategies. But what exactly are they and what benefits can they bring your business? What is VoIP? VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows you to make and receive calls over the […]

Watch out for the huge KRACK in WiFi security!

A fundamental flaw with WiFi networks has recently been discovered by two security researchers. According to their reports, the KRACK vulnerability renders advanced encryption protocols useless and affects nearly every wireless device. Read on to find out more about KRACK hacks and how you can defend against them.

An Ingenio Halloween 2017

This Halloween, the Ingenio Technologies team went to Tulleys Farm for the annual Shocktober festival. Here's what happened.

Most of the team attended, but the prospect of scares got the best of a few of our team, such as helpdesk engineer Jake C, who is slightly craven when it comes to horrors! (Sorry JC!)

We Started our adventure into the void at the Acorn in Burgess Hill, to fuel up for the dark road ahead.

Equifax’s Leak: lessons learned

Before you start planning an incident response to a data leak, read the following story and recite this: Don’t walk in the footsteps of Equifax. What happened to Equifax? Equifax, the huge American credit agency announced in September 2017 that its database was hacked, resulting in a leak of tons of consumers’ private data, including […]

10 Signs that your PC is infected with Malware

Cyber-attacks, phishing emails & Viruses are at an all time high. Because of the amount of them, there's also been an increase in successful attacks. It’s possible you may be infected with malware and may not even know it.

The symptoms of an infected PC can often be minuscule, and have many different purposes.

How to spot a phishing email

In this blog, we will be covering what a phishing email is, what to look out for, and give some examples of phishing emails. By the end of it you should be well prepared to spot a phishing email and protect yourself and your business.
What is a Phishing Email?
A phishing email is an email sent with malicious intentions.

How to Unsend an Email After You’ve Sent it.

It will please some of you to know that it is possible to remove a sent email from the recipient’s inbox… providing they haven’t read it.


There is many a situation where this technique is imperative. For example, you may have made spelling errors in an email to an important prospect, or you could have sent it to the wrong person!


This feature was introduced in Outlook 2010. So, if you are using any version of Outlook from 2010 onwards, you will be able to ‘Recall’ the sent email.

The History of Viruses

History is important because it allows us to understand the past, which in turn allows us to understand the present. Viruses have gotten increasingly more malicious as time has progressed. Following is a brief history of the computer virus.

What is a Virus?

A virus is a type of Malware.