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Telephone service that meets all
your organisation's needs.

Thanks to our modern Business Telephones, your organisation can get ahead of the game by incorporating your telephony system into your disaster plan, eliminate large upfront costs and not having to bother with lousy support.

Your company will operate and thrive in their telephony activities without the pains of a standard, outdated telephone system.

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With our Business Telephones, you'll benefit from...



No Upfront Costs

With options to eliminate upfront costs associated with extra setup, installation and maintenance fees.


Device Flexibility

Make calls from your office phone, smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other Internet connected device.


Dedicated Helpdesk

We are proud to have a 97.4% overall positive reaction rad


Up to 4,000 free minutes of calls

To UK mobiles and landlines, per user, per month.


Disaster Recovery

Because our systems are cloud based, incoroporating your telecommuncations into your disaster recovery plan has never been more simple.

Users of our business telephones benefit from 4,000 minutes of calls to UK mobiles & Landlines each for a fixed, monthly price. No more are the days of large, unexpected phone bills. What's more is that all users on your network can share these minutes with each other, which is useful if some members of your company make more calls than others. Get 10 handsets and you have 40,000 minutes of calls to play with throughout the month - that's equivalent to 27.7 days of continuous calling.

Empower your business today with a reliable, flexible and fully managed communications system.

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Our old system was temperamental and often wouldn't record calls. This isn't the case with our new phones! Ingenio Technologies implemented technologies that our previous telephone provider couldn't.

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