Secure Your iPhone, iPad or Apple Product By April 7th.

A Hacker Group calling themselves the 'Turkish Crime Family' has threatened to wipe millions of iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Smartwatches and other Apple products.

The Turkish Crime Family (That are actually based in London) have told apple that if they do not receive a 'ransom' of $100,000 in Itunes gift cards or $75,000 by April 7th, they will go ahead with the remote wipes.

Ransomware – The New Age Criminals

Goodbye Gangsters and Muggers, there is a new way to take advantage of innocent people - through technology. Internet criminals are discrete, ruthless, can and will take advantage where there is money to be made.

We've all heard of them before, but maybe not so much in detail, so I've created a short series pinpointing the different Internet criminals/hackers and malware that could potentially attack you.

Dropbox Hacked

Do you use mainstream file sharing site Dropbox? If so, read on to find out what happened with the recent alleged hack.