The world is shook by the largest ransomware attack ever

Some of you may have seen in the news over the weekend - there was a ransomware attack on small and medium businesses. This confirms that we are not joking when we say these attacks are detrimental for businesses and only getting worse.

In this blog, we are going to explain more about this attack and what you can do to protect your business in future.

The Best Solution for Your Business Challenges

Every business differs, and so does the day-to-day challenges that come with it.

You can skim through this blog to the challenge you identify with and discover the best solution for your problem.

Not only will these solutions increase the productivity of your business, but it will also greatly decrease your spending and make your operations smoother.

Businesses in The South East Are At High Risk of Cyber Attack

What’s the biggest issue facing your business right now? For most companies, possible answers would include marketplace competition, acquiring new clients, lack of staff and a host of other challenges. And while each present a unique problem, the danger isn’t powerful enough to close your company down immediately.