Frequently Asked Questions

We all live by these core values

  • Be proactive in everything we do
  • Give clients the best experience
  • Take ownership of problems
  • Always be honest, transparent and open
  • Create a positive & helpful environment
  • Keep it simple

We cover Sussex, Surrey & Kent.

We have clients much further away and we can support them because they only require remote support contracts. If you want an unlimited on-site support package, we would normally reduce the distance to Sussex, Surrey & Kent

We can only offer PAYG on an individual case by case basis. The majority of our clients are on a contract with strict service level agreements that we work within. If we had too many clients on PAYG, we wouldn’t be able to respond quickly enough as we are working to strict SLAs to our contracted clients and therefore would let PAYG clients down.

Our preventative plans are really cost effective and cut down the number of calls made as we fix problems before they escalate into broken computers. Why not give us a call on 01273 806211 to see if we can offer you a plan within your budget?

SLA Times Chart

Standard Premium
Respond Resolution Resolved Respond Resolution Resolved
P1 – Emergency Respone 4 4 16 0.5 1 16
P2 – Quick Response 4 6 16 2 4 16
P3 – Normal Response 8 8 16 4 8 16
P4 – Low 8 16 32 8 8 32
P5 – Scheduled Maintenance 16 16 32 16 16 32

All times are in hours

Severity Chart

Level of Severity

Low (default) One user or a small group of users is affected
Medium Departments or large group of users are affected
High Whole company is affected

Business Impact

Low More of an irritation than a stoppage
Medium (default) Business is degraded, but there is a reasonable workaround
High Critical – Major business processes are stopped

Default for all new tickets e-mailed or created via agent will be as above

Yes, we support Apple Macs and other ios devices.
Yes. When you call our main number out of hours, you will be given the option for emergency out of hours support. Please note that unless you have an out of hours contract, support is provided as best endeavour only.
The helpdesk is open from 8:00am until 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. Engineers are available outside of these times by prior arrangement.
Unfortunately we don’t, We only support businesses.

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