IT Support costs & pricing guide

We understand that appointing outsourced IT support is a big decision.  Our aim is to provide you with pricing so you can make an informed decision.

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Whether you are switching IT support provider, moving from in-house IT support or are a growing company researching IT support options for the first time, you are likely developing a budget or you are shortlisting IT companies within your existing budget.

At Ingenio Technologies, we try to keep things simple. Instead of billing for all of your PCs, Laptops, sites and servers, we simply bill you per employee which means really simple monthly invoicing.

Monthly Costs

Pricing for both of these is dependent on how complicated your IT systems are.  Let’s look at two examples:

  • Simple business with 25 employees, Office 365, online CRM (like Salesforce), laptops, and working from home.

  • Complex business with 25 employees, mix of laptops and PCs, 3 servers at the office,  complicated & secure network (because they take credit card payments), several line of business applications running from the server and some employees that travel continuously for work.

‘Simple business’ has a small office, and a simple network to maintain.  The online CRM doesn’t require much support as it’s delivered through a web page and supported by the provider.

‘Complex business’ requires more proactive maintenance because of the security and servers, will typically generate more calls to the helpdesk and will require support from experienced engineers.

Rather than itemise every single piece of IT equipment and create overly complex invoices, we work out what we believe the system will cost to support, then divide by the number of employees at your business. So taking the two examples above, here are fairly accurate costs for each:

Business 1 – Will likely cost £30 per user or £750 per month

Business 2 – Will likely cost £45 per user or  £1125 per month

Regardless of price, both of these business would receive our proven fast and reliable support.  see the following table for more information.

Our Managed IT Support includes:

Day-to-day IT Support

Proactive Management

Strategy and Planning

We take a risk based approach to your cyber security requirements. We first run a security assessment to understand your risk, then advise on the most appropriate security packages and individual security services.

Even though we try to understand your risk, the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)  has set out guidelines for the minimum security posture a business should have.  We’ve worked closely with the NCSC and have developed two packages that fit most UK businesses:

Baseline Security – £10 per device

Baseline Security plus – £25 per device


We have additional security software and services that a higher risk business may require.

These packages and services include  Internet DNS Security, Endpoint Detect and Response, Cyber Essentials approved security patching, Security training, dark web monitoring, SIEM logging, external Security Operations Centre (SOC), password manager, push MFA and more.

Communications includes internet connections (ADSL, FTTC, SoGEA, Ethernet leased lines), 4G data connectivity and VoIP telecoms.


Typical pricing for a business grade internet connection is between £25 and £40 (depending on the type and level of response required)


VoIP telephony is typically between £10 and £18 per handset (depending on the free minutes, type of handset and platform requirements)


These are all the typical software subscriptions that you would require, even if you didn’t outsource your IT support. These could include Office 365, server backup with disaster recovery, cloud backup, email signature software and more.


Our Office 365 pricing is the same as Microsoft retail, so will likely be the same price as you are currently paying.  Because there are over 20 applications available within Office 365, there is a small admin fee of around £1.50 per user to support these applications


Server backup – a single server with less than 1TB of data will cost £100 per month to backup to the cloud – this would include a full disaster recovery environment 

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