Office 365 Teams

Enable sleek hassle free hybrid working with Office 365 Teams

Access to everything

You’ll get access to files, emails, instant messages, video meetings and calls

No searching for documents

Everything is located in one easy to use interface. No searching for files

Everyone can use it

It’s really simple: no VPNs to connect and no remote desktops that won’t connect.

Does your business need to move to Microsoft Teams?

If any of these apply to you, it’s time to start saving money for your company:


Follow Our Easy 3-Step Plan

Speak to our experts

Speak to our experts

We identify and share how Microsoft Teams can help your workforce work remotely as if they were in the physical office.

Every step planned for

Every step planned for

We create and share the plan on how we go from your current state to a full workforce working remotely using Microsoft teams.

Be productive and on time

Be productive and on time

We’ll execute the plan. We’ll complete the move to Teams according to the agreed schedule. We’ll even train all users on how to use it to make sure there is complete buy in

What makes Ingenio Technologies so different?

The way Ingenio works is completely unique – we will give you ALL of your money back if we lose just one email or document during the process of moving from your existing service to the new one. We’ve been doing server and email migrations since 2005, which is why we’re 100% confident in our guarantee.

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