Assist Your IT Department / IT Consulting

Together we can build a strong IT team

Even if you already have internal IT staff, sometimes they need a little help. We offer a variety of services that can complement your existing IT department including:

We’ve successfully executed many different IT projects for small and medium-size organisations including virtualisation and server migrations. We can help your IT Department plan and implement various projects with our wide array of expertise and skilled technicians.
With technology changing by the hour, it’s hard to make sense of just what’s available to you. We provide comprehensive consulting strategies to help you implement best practices for properly managing your company’s network. We’re here to help you.
Looking after your servers is one of the most important yet redundant tasks for any IT department. Let us care for your servers while your IT staff is able to focus on end-user support, training and other more valuable tasks. We monitor your servers 24/7 and make repairs as needed to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Many IT professionals don’t have a chance to take a proper holiday. Most of the time they are required to be on-call during their vacation which isn’t an ideal situation for anyone. With Ingenio Technologies on your side, you can give your IT staff the holiday they deserve. We can fill in while they’re gone with our 24/7 remote and on-site support.