The Best Solution for Your Business Challenges

Every business differs, and so do the day-to-day challenges that come with it.

You can skim through this blog to the challenge you identify with and discover the best solution for your problem.

Not only will these solutions increase the productivity of your business, but it will also greatly decrease your spending and make your operations smoother.


Business Challenges and Their Solutions


Industry regulations such as FCA or PCI can often be tricky to pin down. Failing to comply with PCI can result in fines of up to £50,000.

The bank of NY Mellon received a £126 million fine from the FCA for failing to comply with data recording regulations.

FCA regulations state that you must have a documented disaster recovery plan in place. (source)



Hosted VoIP telephony allows you to pause recording for when you need to. For instance, if a customer is giving you card details to make a payment, you can now be PCI compliant. Hosted VoIP also acts as a disaster recovery solution because each employee can use their phone anywhere in the world, allowing them to work from a different location if the office is unavailable.

Disaster recovery solutions includes backup for your data. You can back up all your data to an external data centre; these feature backup batteries, generators and ultra hi-tech security so your data is always available, safe and secure.


Lack of Security & Protection

Is your business vulnerable or susceptible to a cyber breach? Do you feel confident that you can adequately protect your business from a cyber-attack? How about a virus? The department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport identified that just under half (46%) of all firms in the UK experienced at least one breach or attack in the last year (2017). (source)

Nowadays, around 85% of emails are spam ,while a large amount of these spam emails contain malicious content. In March of 2016 alone, 22,890,956 malicious spam emails were detected by Kaspersky Lab.


Firewalls are designed to keep destructive elements out of a network or specific computer. Furthermore, Firewalls act as a barrier between a trusted network and an untrusted network. They can massively scale to extend state-of-the-art security to growing enterprises and networks.

Anti-virus is imperative. The goal of anti-virus is to minimise the risk of infection and ultimately increase the uptime of your computers and network.

Web content filters protects your internet activity. With so much unproductive or even illegal content out there, it’s wise to put a filter on your businesses internet experiences.

But don’t stop there! Email & spam protection can filter spam & malicious emails so you can communicate safely.



Use your website to drive business? If so there’s a simple and highly effective way to make your website more trustworthy and credible.



Simply put, an SSL certificate is installed on a server generally to bind together your server name, domain name or host name and encrypt the services between the user and the server.

SSL certificates prove your organisation’s identity on the web and earn the trust of users who visit it. This will add credibility to your website and improve its prevalence in Google Searches.


General IT issues

You may be losing time and money due to IT issues. You may also be losing sanity! If you feel like your IT issues are getting in the way of your company’s growth, there’s one thing you need.


IT Support will take your IT issues of your hands. IT Support differs from company to company, but should include:

-A helpdesk
-Proactive ticket system
-24×7 monitoring for issues
-Security patching
-Monthly reports
-Quarterly Business Reviews
-Ownership of supplier management
-Onsite support
-Hardware and software distribution
-Maintenance of hardware & software

Businesses with quality IT Support benefit from maximum uptime, lower IT costs, a scalable IT department and peace of mind.


Uncertainty / Confusion

Many businesses are unaware of simple solutions that could prevent big issues. They are going out of their way to work around repeating issues.


IT Consulting can be hugely beneficial for businesses. It establishes the companies goals and challenges and works to find a solution that will best reach those targets. At the moment we are still giving away free IT consultations to businesses in Sussex, Kent & Surrey (England).


Productivity, Efficiency & Time

Are you still behind when it comes to collaborative technologies? How about setting and attending meetings digitally? Can you work on the same file on multiple devices?


Office 365 is one of the best products for business. It’s simple and easy to use, yet highly effective and useful. Once you’ve started using it you’ll wonder how you ever worked before. With Office 365 you can work collaboratively, Efficiently and Quickly while remaining safe and protected.

To find out more about Office 365 click here.



Did you know that companies tend to underestimate total print costs by as much as 40%? Printing is the single most unaudited business expense, despite the fact the average business spends between 1-3% of their total revenue on printing.

I’m sure you identify with the tiresome games the printer plays. When it goes down, it often takes quite a while to fix, or no one even knows how to do so. Those days are changing now though…


Managed printers are a revolutionary step for business printing. Managed printers allow you to cut out the middle man on suppliers such as toner and paper, saving you money. You will also know how much you will pay with a fixed price per print.

Managed printers are called that for a reason. If there’s ever an issue, or you need some assistance, your managed printer supplier take care of it for you.

They also detect when you are running low on toner, and will send out a new toner to you automatically, just when you need it.


Every solution that we offer is fully managed and supported by us. That means whenever you have an issue with your pcs, printer’s website etc., all you must do is contact us and we’ll fix it for you.

We specialise in solving IT Issues for businesses in Sussex, Kent & Surrey. If you would like to find out more, give us a call on 01273 806211 or email [email protected]

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