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Prevent frustration. Get IT support in Eastbourne. Your business deserves the finest support.

Not all of us are IT literate and we quite often get into problems, but being able call someone and get an immediate response is fantastic and that is what Ingenio do for us.

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No more confusion

IT can be technical and confusing. That’s why you’ll never hear us talk to you in jargon.

No more wasted time

You’ll be able to hand over all your IT issues, and have them quickly and efficiently solved for you.

Your mind at ease

All tickets answered within 15 minutes, by a team of experts that’s always at your disposal.

Capable Outsourced IT Support for Eastbourne Businesses

IT support is essential for businesses of all sizes. For thousands of SMEs without the time or capacity to hire permanent teams of technicians, choosing a reputable, friendly, and experienced provider can make a substantial difference.

Ingenio Technologies has over 18 years of proven knowledge, supporting companies with every aspect of their IT, handling critical issues, minimising downtime, recommending system upgrades, and managing networks to spot cyber security vulnerabilities or overloads before they hit.

All Ingenio clients have access to our 24/7 help desk, where we can answer questions, steer you through troubleshooting exercises, or remote access your device or system to pinpoint the cause of the problem and put a resolution in place.

We also offer comprehensive consultancies, infrastructure design, transitions from legacy systems, network maintenance and training to ensure your staff has the right skills to keep things running smoothly.

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Our outsourced Eastbourne IT support services include:

Cyber security is an important priority for any business, and we have the expertise to keep your company safe from cyber attacks.


Technology is necessary in today's world, but sometimes it can be more trouble than its worth. Let our team of experts take care your IT needs so you don't have to worry about anything other than running the business.


You'll be able to communicate more effectively and encourage employee productivity through Teams with Microsoft 365. Our team of experts can help and assist you with your Microsoft 365, at any time.


In just a few years (2025), business landline telephones will be switched off in favor of Internet Phones called VoIP. We design these networks to seamlessly failover so your phone always keeps working.


We help business grow by making the 'digital transformation' jump to serverless or moving their data centers from physical servers onto a hybrid cloud.


However you want to work, we have a solution that's perfect for your business. With unlimited strategy sessions and dedicated account managers at the frequency of choice, there are no limits on what goals can be reached.

Get IT Support in 3 steps

Managed IT support in Eastbourne made less complicated

Book a meeting

Book a meeting

We'll meet and discuss how IT fits into your business because every firm is different. We'll collaborate to develop a strategy that's right for you.

Technical issues, send them our way

Technical issues, send them our way

We'll roll out the plan after it's been created, and you can start emailing us your IT problems.

Goodbye technical stress

Goodbye technical stress

Our professionals will promptly and efficiently address your issues, so you won't have to worry about technology failing to support your company.

Bespoke IT Services from a trustworthy outsourced IT Provider in Eastbourne

Technology is so unpredictable, we know how frustrating this is when it disrupts your busy day.

Ingenio Technologies is a managed IT service provider, providing support in Eastbourne. We’ve been saving businesses confusion and frustration, through providing them with technical solution.

How Are Our Eastbourne IT Services Different?

Technology, automation, and communications evolve at the speed of light, and even the most agile and forward-thinking businesses can struggle to keep up, tackling one problem at a time when systems slow to a crawl or stop functioning altogether, impacting productivity and profitability.

Ingenio Technologies knows that pre-empting an issue before it happens is the ideal outcome. It saves time, cost, and stress, and ensures your digital assets are future-proof and on par with the newest innovations.

If you continually face problems with broken connections, suboptimal speeds, and unreliable devices, we can put an action plan in place to get you moving faster, allowing you to return your focus to all the other elements of running a busy business.

Our free consultations are an opportunity to explore what we offer, discuss the services we believe are most suitable, and start work on a bespoke IT strategy with expert advice from our highly experienced engineers, technicians, and consultants.

Ingenio Lightbulb, more than a portal

Ingenio Lighbulb is included with our fully managed plans for training, support access and asset management services in order to provide you constant updates on licensing information as well as an easy way to gain insight into all aspects from payroll processing right down to staff training. It’s installed onto work computers but also available online so it can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Ingenio University

Office 365 Training with videos and quizzes, knowledge base and guides

Budgeting Roadmap

Includes an always available technology roadmap to help you budget and avoid hidden costs.

Support Ticket portal

No more long confusing emails, all tickets display as clear and concise messages like facebook messenger

Change Management

Request changes, quotes, and ask for services. Including a bespoke staff onboarding and offboarding process.

License Management

View your Office 365 licensing, all in one place, making reconciliation a breeze and avoiding waste

Asset Management

Track all your IT assets across their life cycle - laptops, desktops, and servers.


The compliance module will highlight productivity bottlenecks, compliance issues, continuity problems, security issues, and more

For Finance

Access all old and current invoices as well as quotes with a few clicks.

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