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Our Brighton clients care about three things, speed, reliability and expertise.

Ingenio IT support is proven to deliver all three.

We help and supply over 90 businesses
with managed IT support Brighton and other IT services. 
We are the Brighton IT Support specialists.

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IT support that allows you to focus more on your job

Being able to call someone and get an immediate response is fantastic and that is what Ingenio do for us.

Cloud Experts

Microsoft Partner and certified Azure experts. We have helped over 60 businesses move from servers to the cloud.

Cyber security

Our security systems are ready for Remote, Hybrid and office workers. Using a risk based approach, we'll ensure you have the right security posture to stay secure

Strategic account management

Technology should align to your business goals. There are no limits on how often you can meet with your dedicated account manager

IT support that is rapid, reliable and delivered by experts

100 day guarantee

To give you peace of mind, we have a 100-day guarantee; you can withdraw from the contract for any reason. We’ll even help you move to another provider. It’s unlikely you’ll need it, though – we still have our first customer from 2005.

Ingenio's 3 Step Plan

It’s simpler than you think to move everything over to us. Hover over the boxes for more:

Speak with an expert

Use the chat, give us a call on 01273 806211 or click contact us below

We'll get to know you

To understand your current IT situation, we'll get to know you and your business. It's important for us to understand your business goals so we can help achieve them through technology.

An easy transition

We'll set up and share the 30 day transition plan with you and your team to enable an effective transition. Aiming to remove the IT stress and give you more technical success.

Every 19 seconds, a small business in the UK is hacked. You are at risk. Download our Email Hijack book to discover how to keep your business safe.

Join the ranks of our raving customers!

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Get IT Support for your business at the right price

Discovering pricing for business IT Support can be difficult.  Take a look at our transparent pricing by clicking the button below.

Free, next day, loan laptop service

The pandemic has created a hybrid and remote workforce, but not being in the office makes it harder when laptops fail.   To ensure our Sussex IT support service remains fast, we’ve created a FREE, next day UK wide loan laptop service with free delivery and collection.

How it works:

If the computer cannot be fixed remotely or it’s too difficult to troubleshoot over the phone, then you can utilise our free laptop service.

1. Troubleshooting

If the laptop cannot be fixed remotely, the technician will decide to supply a loan laptop.

2. Loan laptop

We'll setup a loan laptops from our laptop bank.

3. Delivery

We'll courier the laptop using DPD to your location.

4. Swap your laptop

Simply remove the laptop, place yours in the box and hand back to DPD.

5. Laptop repair

Once received at our HQ, we'll repair your laptop.

6. Receive your repaired laptop

Once fixed, we'll send your fixed laptop back to you. You'll then need to swap over the laptops again.

Our certified IT and Cyber Security experts have you covered

Ingenio Lightbulb, more than a portal

Ingenio Lighbulb is an app included in our fully managed plans for training, support access and asset management. This platform has dozens of commercial training courses, bespoke training guides, how to’s and guides. It’s installed on your work computers but also available in any web browser. Fully configurable, it’s the ultimate resource to help onboard your new staff or enhance your current employees. It’s the finance department’s best friend by giving you access to all your licensing and assets.

Ingenio University

Interactive Office 365 Training with videos and quizzes, knowledge base and guides

Budgeting Roadmap

Includes an always available technology roadmap to help you budget and avoid hidden costs

Support Ticket portal

No more long confusing emails, all tickets display as clear and concise messages like Facebook messenger

Change Management

Request changes, quotes, and ask for services. Including a bespoke staff onboarding and offboarding process

License Management

View your Office 365 licensing, all in one place, making reconciliation a breeze and avoiding waste

Asset Management

Track all your IT assets across their life cycle - laptops, desktops, and servers


The compliance module will highlight productivity bottlenecks, compliance issues, continuity problems, security issues, and more

For Finance

Access all old and current invoices as well as quotes with a few clicks

Our IT support partners

Successful businesses thrive when assisted by technology.
We focus on this, put you first and see prosperous results.

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Sussex based IT support helpdesk

Stop wasting time on frustrations and start focusing on what matters.


IT issues will be promptly resolved by one of our IT experts. Brighton IT Support when you need us.


Technology enables growth within a modern business. Regular account management meetings enable us to review your technology and suggest updates within budget.


Small businesses are the easiest targets for hackers. We will ensure your data is safe and secure.


We understand that not everyone understands technical terms, therefore we make sure to communicate with NO jargon.

You never know when technology will break, causing massive disruption to your business.

Technical issues are frustrating. Stop wasting time. Your business deserves more.

Why have Business IT Support Brighton?

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a dedicated IT support team in your corner. Your IT systems are the backbone of your operations, and when something goes wrong, you need to be able to rely on a team of experts to get things up and running again quickly. That’s where our team of IT Support specialists comes in. We’re a dedicated team of IT professionals who are available to provide on-site and remote support for your business.

We’re cost-effective, friendly, and most importantly, dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly. So if you’re looking for a reliable IT support team, look no further than your local IT Support company Ingenio Technologies.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Business IT Support to Ingenio Technologies

Our professional technicians and engineers provide the perfect balance of affordability and expertise, with access to always-on support when you need us, tackling urgent cybersecurity issues, delivering trouble-shooting advice, or getting you back online fast.

We know how challenging the business space can be when a network becomes outdated, slow, or exposed to data breaches and how difficult it can be for busy owners to make informed, educated decisions when their specialities lie elsewhere.

This is where Ingenio Technologies steps in, with tailored support packages depending on your precise objectives, issues, or requirements.

There are numerous advantages to commissioning an expert IT support team over trying to manage decision-making independently or hiring high-cost full-time IT personnel, with cost-efficiencies, around-the-clock assistance, and expert risk management consultancy.

Ingenio Technologies technicians provide hands-on system administration with ad-hoc support, flexible pricing packages, skilled monitoring, system upgrades, strategic implementation, and liaison with third-party vendors to deliver exceptional performance at an economical price.

Unlimited IT Support

We focus on everything that matters most to your company: speed, reliability, and proven performance. Our managed IT services are comprehensive and ensure you have a knowledgeable, friendly team monitoring your networks, managing your data, and spotting potential compliance issues before they materialise. We provide services across Sussex and Surrey, including IT support in Crawley, Horsham, Haywards Heath and Eastbourne.

Cybersecurity Specialisms

Evolving data handling standards and hacking techniques mean thousands of UK businesses are exposed to significant losses or the costs of repairing systems or shoring up vulnerabilities, often too late to mitigate a major impact. Our managed cyber security services deliver rapid responses in the event of a live attack and pre-emptive advice to ensure you have the most robust preventatives in place.

Globally Connected Telecoms

Our VoIP communications team can recommend, commission, and set up complete telecom systems, facilitating seamless remote working, flawless connectivity and scalable solutions that can be expanded or contracted as your business requirements change. Simple hardware upgrades can minimise or even remove all telecom expenses from your budget.

Expert IT Training

Empowering your teams to utilise IT systems, networks and devices to their full extent is an opportunity to improve productivity and increase the technical know-how within your personnel. Ingenio Technologies provides a wealth of knowledge and resources to help upskill your team and ensure you extract maximum value from your IT infrastructure.
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System-Specific Nationwide IT Consultancy and Advice

Many Ingenio Technologies clients come to us with long-standing frustrations in their software’s capacity, functionality or speed, and a straightforward compliance assessment and network analysis could quickly identify the root causes.

We provide certified expertise in all the major operating systems and software packages as a Silver Microsoft Midmarket Solution Provider, Cyber Essentials Plus accredited provider, and with technicians well-versed in SentinelOne Endpoint Security, SonicWall Cybersecurity Solutions and Ubiquiti Networks.

As an independent, full-service IT support company, we only recommend systems, software, or communications networks that support your objectives, align with your budget, and provide the right resources to upscale your delivery speeds and customer experiences.

Ingenio Technolgies is delighted to have a superb 15-minute response rate to all support tickets and can organise a discussion with your business at any time to identify the right strategy to get your business moving faster, more efficiently, and with zero downtime.

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