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Unsure if Ingenio's IT Support is right for you?

In this short video, Darren Gathercole, Group Manager at Red Knight 6, shares his experience with Ingenio’s rapid and reliable IT support.

From quick fixes over the phone to instant solutions on the laptop, Ingenio proves to be the ultimate IT partner.

Red Knight 6 has 20 employees with some scattered across the UK and Northern Ireland. Everyone get’s rapid and reliable IT support no matter where they are located.

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IT Support with a money-back guarantee

We get it, choosing a provider of  IT support in Brighton & Sussex is a big decision. To give you peace of mind, we have a 100-day guarantee; This allows you to withdraw from the contract for any reason, all your money returned. We’ll even help you move to another IT Support provider. It’s unlikely you’ll need it, though – we still have our first IT Support customer from 2005.

We help and supply over 90 businesses with managed IT support, Cyber Security and other IT services

Located in Brighton, Sussex, Ingenio Technologies has established itself as a leading provider of IT Support in Brighton, offering managed IT Support & managed Cyber Security across the south of England since 2005. We specialise in delivering Enterprise-level services and solutions at competitive prices.

Our dedicated team will effectively become your personal IT department, adeptly addressing issues swiftly, often before they come to your attention. We are experts in managing every aspect of your technology needs, from servers and network infrastructure to computers, workstations, and mobile devices, ensuring comprehensive IT Support in Brighton & Sussex for all your technology requirements.

With Ingenio Technologies providing your managed IT support, you will benefit from:

Free training for all of your team
Direct access to Engineers by phone, email or portal
Fast response to your problems
Backup and disaster recovery solutions for peace of mind

Our IT support extends throughout Sussex and beyond, encompassing Brighton and its major surrounding cities and towns, ensuring your IT infrastructure is always running smoothly.


Join the ranks of our raving customers!

Here are some of their latest Google reviews about our Brighton based IT support helpdesk

Signs your IT Service isn't meeting expectations

Reluctance to Engage with your IT Support Partner

When your team dreads contacting IT, issues go unresolved, letting tasks slip through the cracks. It's vital to partner with a friendly, accessible MSP.

You Spend Excessive Time on IT Issues

For IT to be effective, it must function with minimal supervision. Our specialised onboarding project teams are ready to help, taking these tasks off your hands.

IT Should Support, Not Block, Your Goals

Your IT service should get what you're aiming for, focusing on your entire business, not just tech. It’s important to have a clear plan that aligns with your vision.

Every 19 seconds, a small business in the UK is hacked

You are at risk. Download our free Email Hijack book to discover how to keep your business safe.


Master Your Operations with Lightbulb, Ingenio's University, Training and IT Support Platform

Ingenio Lighbulb is an app included in our fully managed IT support plans for training, support access and asset management.

This platform has dozens of commercial training courses, bespoke training guides, how to’s and guides. It’s installed on your work computers but also available in any web browser. It can even be installed as a smart phone app.

Fully configurable, it’s the ultimate resource to help onboard your new staff or enhance your current employees. It’s the finance department’s best friend by giving you access to all your licensing and assets.


Interactive Office 365 Training with videos and quizzes, knowledge base and guides

Budgeting Roadmap

Includes an always available technology roadmap to help you budget and avoid hidden costs

Support Ticket Portal

No more long confusing emails, all tickets display as clear and concise messages like Facebook messenger

Change Management

Request changes, quotes, and ask for services. Including a bespoke staff onboarding and offboarding process

License Management

View your Office 365 licensing, all in one place, making reconciliation a breeze and avoiding waste

Asset Management

Track all your IT assets across their life cycle - laptops, desktops, and servers


The compliance module will highlight productivity bottlenecks, compliance issues, continuity problems, security issues, and more

For Finance

Access all old and current invoices as well as quotes with a few clicks