Every 19 seconds, a small business in the UK is hacked. You are at risk.
Download our Email Hijack book to discover how to keep your business safe.


No more wasted time on tech problems - we are just a ticket away


Our security systems and backups will ensure your data is kept safe


Technology is the heart of any modern business. You’ll have all the tools you require to succeed and grow

You never know when technology will break

You never know when technology will break, causing massive disruption to your business.

Technical issues are frustrating. Stop wasting time. Your business deserves more.


Stop wasting time on frustrations and start focusing on what matters.

No more time wasted

IT issues will be promptly resolved by one of our IT experts.

Advance your business

Technology enables growth within a modern business. Regular account management meetings enable us to review your technology and suggest updates within budget.

Stay secure

Small businesses are the easiest targets for hackers. We will ensure your data is safe and secure.

No more confusion

We understand that not everyone understands technical terms, therefore we make sure to communicate with NO jargon.

Ingenio’s 3 Step Plan

It’s incredibly easy to move everything over to us. This is how it works:

Step 1

Speak to our

Get started now -
book a meeting and our experts will identify your needs.

Step 2

Every step
planned for

No more stress -
We will work together to create a plan that is tailored specifically to your business.

Step 3

Be productive
and on time

Start succeeding –
we work the plan and meet your needs, ensuring your business can develop and grow.

We are a managed IT support company, that helps and supplies over 60 businesses with IT support
and other IT services

Watch the video below to see why our clients
choose us to be their managed IT service provider in Brighton

Resolved quickly and efficiently. So I could get back on with my work

Join the ranks of our raving customers!

Here are some of their latest Google reviews


December 2020 via google

Both Darius & George are extremely patient and helpful, and my computer always feels much better having interacted to them. Not yet had an issue that they haven’t been able to solve.


December 2020 via google

Very impressed with weekend and overnight working.


January 2021 via google

Ingenio has been supporting our business now for several years and we are delighted with the amazing level of customer service. All staff are quick to help, friendly, knowledgeable and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. They are amazing! I would highly recommend Ingenio for IT support. I could not ask for a better help desk team.

Successful businesses thrive when assisted by technology.
We focus on this, put you first and see prosperous results.


Of clients are delighted with the skilled
service we have provided


Of submitted tickets are responded
within 15 minutes


Sussex based IT
support helpdesk

What makes Ingenio
Technologies so different?

At Ingenio Technologies we provide IT support, cyber security, and telephony needs.

We are one of these IT support companies that know you want to stop wasting time on technical issues and focus on what you do best – growing your business. In order for this to happen, you need to know your IT is in the most secure hands.

The problem is you may not have a designated person within your business who does this, or someone may be overseeing these issues but isn’t qualified and therefore not getting anything resolved. This will make you feel incredibly frustrated because you have to intervene and spend a lot of your time sorting out these issues.

We believe that you should focus your precious time on what you do best. We understand that IT is a significant part of a successful business but not everyone wants to deal with the issues that come with it.

Here’s how it works: talk to our experts, we will create a plan with you, then execute the plan and complete it all according to the agreed schedule.

Contact us now, so you can stop suffering from frustrating technical issues and put all energy into your business.

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I fully recommend Ingenio Technologies to any company that is looking for IT support. Always very helpful and explain things in a way that we as a business can understand

John Marchant, Triple O

As an IT company in Brighton, we don’t only care
about the latest tech.

We care about
what is right and will work for your business.

Very helpful and polite, managed to resolve some ongoing issues I was having with my laptop, this was all done very efficiently. Ingenio also made me aware of some other items we needed to sort out, it was very helpful to have this information so that we can now look at resolving those also. Thank you, excellent support

Hannah Francis
Murray Andrews Construction

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