Strategic Partners In Your Business


Break The Chains Of What's Holding Your Business Down

Unlike other IT Companies, We identify the gap between your business objectives and technology.


Liaise With A High Performance Workforce

We are very proud to hold a 97.6% positive reaction rate from all our clients.


Clear Communication with Local Engineers

We don’t – and never will – outsource our helpdesk. Communicate with local and friendly engineers with no complicated terminology.


Resolve Your Issue As Soon As Possible

We address your issue within 15 minutes, and assign and engineer to it. If you have a mission critical problem, we’ll be onsite within the hour – guaranteed.


Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

We take cyber security very seriously; for both our clients and ourselves. We are Cyber Essentials Plus Certified and want you to be to.


Strengthen Your Business With A Strategic Partner

We provide planning, budgets and IT consulting to all our clients. We are your IT department.

The Ultimate IT Assessment to Put Your Mind at Ease!

Welcome To Ingenio Technologies

We are strategic partners in your business. We service all technology needs and give you the best and most reliable solution to your challenges. Not only will you be highly satisfied with the service, we are also likely to come up with solutions you havn't thought of yet. We are here so your business can work and grow the way it is supposed to.

About Us

Don’t just take our word for it.

“ManageIT has proved highly efficient with fast responses to any problems or issues that have arisen. Ingenio Technologies consistently give an excellent, professional and personal service not offered by their competitors and at competitive rates, needless to say we are 100% happy with them!”

Testimonial - Southen Testing Laborotories Ltd

IT Manager
Chris Lennard
Southen Testing Laborotories Ltd

“It is a pleasure to be working with Simon and his team at Ingenio Technologies. They have provided good quality advice that is understandable, at an affordable price, and they are incredibly quick and efficient. I recommend them highly whether your IT requirements are large or small.”

Testimonial - Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

Sarah Springford
Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

“Our new telephone system works much better than our old one. The fact that members of our team can work from home whilst still using their office phone remotely is incredibly innovative. Our old system was temperamental and often wouldn’t record calls. This isn’t the case with our new phones!”

Testimonial - Red7

Jonny Clark
Sales Manager

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Free eBook - How To Choose The Right IT Provider For Your Business

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