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No more confusion

IT can be technical and confusing. That’s why you’ll never hear us talk to you in jargon.

No more wasted time

You’ll be able to hand over all your IT issues, and have them quickly and efficiently solved for you.

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All tickets answered within 15 minutes, by a team of experts that’s always at your disposal.

Tailored Outsourced IT Support for SMEs in Worthing

If your current networks and systems aren’t keeping pace with demand, or you lack confidence that you have the in-house skills and expertise to handle a cyber-attack, data loss or downtime, an experienced managed IT team may be the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

SMEs use computing power for a vast amount of their business processes, from telecoms to communications, order processing, to accounting. If even one element of your IT infrastructure falls short, it can cause endless headaches, backlogs, and delays – all of which can negatively impact your productivity and bottom line.

Ingenio Technologies works with a range of businesses in Worthing and across West Sussex, analysing the efficacy of their systems, providing ongoing network maintenance and monitoring, and offering a 24/7 help desk to get to the bottom of queries quickly.

We aim to help business owners and managers focus elsewhere, with the assurance that a capable, talented IT team has their technology under control.

Straightforward, Expert Managed IT for Worthing Businesses

Millions of businesses are conscious that outdated systems, unpredictable cabling, or desktop software simply aren’t up to the task but find it difficult to invest sufficient time and research to make informed choices about the best upgrades that will remain relevant in a quickly evolving IT landscape.

Our technicians and engineers skip the jargon and provide no-nonsense, friendly advice to ensure you know where your IT weaknesses lie, understand all the potential improvements, and can select exactly the upgrades necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

We provide a managed IT service with comprehensive support, technical consultations and systems audits, cyber security safeguards, and monitoring to keep your data, assets, systems, and networks secure and protected.

As business specialists, we create customised IT strategies to create a clear roadmap, indicating the adjustments we think will deliver the most value and ensuring any changes or transitions are supported with staff training, vendor liaison, and ongoing maintenance to iron out any glitches and ensure your systems are working smoothly.

Find the finest local Worthing IT service provider to help your company.

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Is a managed IT service in Worthing something your company needs to succeed?


The majority of your company is run by technology. With the help of an IT service provider in East Grinstead, you won't have to waste any more of your valuable time looking for a solution.


Hardware and software has a lifespan. After a period of time, things just start to break or go wrong. By purchasing equipment at the right time, you mitigate the hidden costs of stuff not working. Instead, you’ll have less problems and lower costs as a result.


We recognise the importance of communication, especially when it comes to your company's operations. Our trained specialists will keep you updated whenever a ticket is submitted.


Worthing is known for it’s scenic coastal views, the Worthing Pier, and the steady growth of its businesses. Keep your business at the vanguard with Ingenio’s IT support.

Get IT Support in 3 steps

Managed IT support in Worthing made less complicated

Book a meeting

Book a meeting

We'll meet and discuss how IT fits into your business because every firm is different. We'll collaborate to develop a strategy that's right for you.

Technical issues, send them our way

Technical issues, send them our way

We'll roll out the plan after it's been created, and you can start emailing us your IT problems.

Goodbye technical stress

Goodbye technical stress

Our professionals will promptly and efficiently address your issues, so you won't have to worry about technology failing to support your company.

Technology is so unpredictable, we know how frustrating this is when it disrupts your busy day.

Ingenio Technologies is a managed IT service provider, providing support in Worthing. We’ve been saving businesses confusion and frustration, through providing them with technical solution.

Prevent frustration. Get IT support in Worthing. Your business deserves the finest support.

Not all of us are IT literate and we quite often get into problems, but being able call someone and get an immediate response is fantastic and that is what Ingenio do for us.

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Working with Ingenio for Your Worthing IT Services

Ingenio Technologies has over 18 years of experience and a strong track record of supporting business clients through tech transitions, infrastructure upgrades, and other changes, such as switching from desktop to cloud-based solutions.

You are invited to get in touch to arrange a friendly discussion or a video call with one of our IT technicians to learn more about the benefits of expert IT support and why it can be make or break in a digital crisis.

Our support is always flexible and tailored, whether you need fully outsourced IT services, advice on cybersecurity safeguards, or recommendations about the ideal software with the latest functionality to help your business grow. You get a 100-day guarantee and can choose not to move forward for any reason if you decide to take a different route.

Resolving issues, gaps in security or poor incompatibility before it becomes an issue can save an incredible amount of time and stress, helping you, and your staff, concentrate on the bigger picture while we take care of the IT.

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