IT Support Services London

We solve your business challenges through technology and education.

  • Dedicated helpdesk, field and project engineers
  • Specialised support for business with 7-120 employees
  • All engineers cyber security trained
  • Office 365 on-demand training included
  • Specialists in hybrid offices with home workers
  • Free loan laptops for remote workers

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Times have changed.  We get it. 

We know what it’s like to be an owner of a growing business. You’re not only managing people and systems but also the logistics of getting them all where they need or want to go every day – from your home network down into their office in London town.

There are even more challenges out here-especially when you have remote staff who may never meet face-to-face at all…which leaves us stuck between two worlds: data security (and safety) on one side; accessibility & availability for others, so we’ve developed some innovative solutions that let your business work seamlessly

Cyber Security

Advanced security solutions with a multi-layered approach to keep your business safe.

Strategic account management

Unlimited strategic account review meetings to help you achieve business goals and challenges.

IT Support London

Fast and reliable IT support in London, delivered by experts.

IT support in London , with a break clause for peace of mind.

100 day guarantee

100 day guarantee

You can withdraw from the contract during the first 100 days for ANY REASON. We'll even help move you to another provider if necessary. We still have customers from when we started in 2005, so it's unlikely you'll need it!

Our outsourced IT support services include:


Cyber security should be a top priority for any business, and we, as experts, can help you keep your company safe from cyber attacks.


Technology is not always reliable or straightforward to fix. Hand over your IT problems, let our team of experts manage them so you can focus on running the business.


With Microsoft 365, your company can have everything in one place. You'll be able to communicate more effectively and encourage employee productivity through Teams.


The way people communicate is changing, in just a few years, business landline telephones will be switched off in favor Internet Phones called VoIP . We design these networks to seamlessly failover so your phone always keeps working.


We’ve helped dozens of companies make the 'digital transformation' jump to serverless or move their data centers from physical servers onto a hybrid cloud.


At the frequency that suits your business, you'll be able to have unlimited strategy meetings with a dedicated account manager. There are no time constraints on when these sessions can occur so you can reach your goals.

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Ingenio's 3 Step Plan

It’s simpler than you think to move everything over to us. hover your mouse over the boxes below to see how it works.

Speak with an expert

Speak with an expert

Use the chat, give us a call on 01273 806211 or click contact us below

We'll Listen

Get to know you

We want to make sure this is the right fit for you, and also understand what it will take from our end before committing time or resources so let us know if there is anything else needed.

An easy transition

Start succeeding

We know how difficult the transition from one system to another can be, which is why we offer a 30 day plan that will make sure your team is equipped with everything they need. It's time for you not only succeed but thrive.

Hybrid working is the future

Many businesses are now using a hybrid model for their employees, where some work from home and some work in the office. This change has created new challenges for IT support companies, which now have to manage more networks.

Fortunately, many of our clients had remote workforces before the pandemic. This means we have the processes and tools to provide high-quality remote support regardless of location. Our hybrid support services have been so successful that we have extended our service area to London and the South East of England.

As an example of our commitment, we have opened a London office in Farringdon to allow our team to choose which office to work in. We also utilise DPD for reliable next-day deliveries and returns, anywhere in the UK.

Virtual meeting

We help and supply over 80 businesses
with managed IT support and other IT services. 

Friendly, quick, and efficient IT Support London, at the right price

We know that pricing can be tricky to understand, which is why we’ve made our rates as clear and transparent as possible. Click the button below for an instant quote on whatever you need!

Bespoke IT Services from a trustworthy outsourced IT Provider in London

Service delivery

Ingenio Outsourced IT Support Services in London

Our support services are customised to your business, depending on your specific tech requirements and what you need to get back to running your company without managing constant interruptions, faults, and technological hiccups.

Customer service is our top priority, and we skip the jargon to give you clear advice, straightforward options, and efficient solutions. Services available include:

  • Support from our friendly helpdesk via phone and email.
  • A fast, 15-minute response ticketing system.
  • Our online client portal to manage your services.
  • Tailored assistance to resolve issues with software and hardware.
  • Rapid response security resolutions and proactive patching.
  • Help with networks, third-party vendors and systems coordination.
  • Proactive managed IT to monitor, test and identify problems in your networks.
  • Professional help with connectivity and printer faults.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and alerts when we detect a possible issue.
  • Monitoring for workstations and other infrastructure.
  • Commissioning and supply of software, hardware, licensing, and warranties.

If you need assistance with a specific process, software, telecom system or any other aspect of your IT solutions, simply let us know what the problem appears to be, and we’ll suggest the best options for your business.

Technology Deployment

Every process we put in place is designed with your satisfaction at heart. We know that every project, no matter how big or small, will be provided with excellent customer service – which means you can rely on us for fast delivery, without any hassle.

  • Account creation and deletion, with approval process
  • Workstation configuration and deployment (hardware, software and security) 
  • Software license management 
  • Printer hardware configuration and deployment 
  • Workstation image building
  • bespoke employee onboarding and offboarding process for each customer
  • Computer setup SOPs to ensure each setup is the same as the previous one
  • Hybrid workers NBD delivery and setup of computers
Customer service

Service Delivery

We understand how important it is to have excellent customer service, and we take every project seriously. Our delivery timeframes are fast so you don’t need worry about waiting around forever.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited Account management meetings
  • CSAT Measurement and Reporting
  • Monthly service delivery reports
  • Service dashboards*
  • On Demand Consultancy and advice 
  • Technology Consultancy
  • Shared Technology Roadmap*
  • Shared Budgeting Roadmap*
  • On demand Compliance reporting
  • On demand 365 Training*
* within our unique and bespoke Ingenio Lighbulb application

London loan laptop service - Free next day delivery

There has been a rise in hybrid and remote working, but not being in an office makes it hard when laptops fail.  To ensure our London IT support service remains fast we’ve created FREE next day UK wide loan laptop service with free delivery/collection.

How does it work?

Ingenio will make it easy and painless for you to get your computer fixed, so that way there is nothing standing between you and getting your work done.

1. Troubleshooting

The free laptop service is there for you if your device can't be fixed remotely or it's too difficult to troubleshoot over the phone.

2. Loan laptop

We'll assign you a loan laptop from our laptop bank.

3. Delivery

We'll then get the laptop delivered to your location via DPD.

4. Swap your laptop

All you need to do is remove the laptop, place yours in the box and hand back to DPD.

5. Laptop repair

Once the laptop is received at our HQ, we'll repair your laptop.

6. Receive your repaired laptop

When the laptop is fixed, we'll send it back to you. You'll then need to swap over the laptops again.

Our London certified IT and Cyber Security experts have you covered

Your Cyber Risk

Cyber threats are real and getting gradually worse, affecting all businesses regardless of size. This is no different than physical security at your home or office – maybe you have CCTV, door locks, smoke alarm, burglar alarm, security light, maybe a dog, the list goes on.

Cyber Security, just like phyiscal security comes down to risk. There is some mandatory cyber security protection that every business should have, just like all offices have locks on their doors, conversely though, not every business needs every single cyber security application available, the same as you might not need guard dogs patrolling outside your office or home!

Measuring Risk

Rather than just sell you everything and hope that you’re secure, we take a different route and perform a comprehensive security assessment to understand your risk. We’ll identify if your risk is high and require a multi-layered security approach or if you only require basic security because you only use Microsoft office and an app or two in the cloud. 

Click the button below to Download a FREE example security assessment:
 (No email address or sign up required)

Cyber Security

Cyber Security should be a priority for any business, here are some typical cyber security solutions we offer: 
  • Password and security policy enforcement 
  • Pro-active patch management 
  • Workstation & mobile device security configuration and management
  • Firewall configuration and management 
  • Email SPAM filtering and management 
  • Web / DNS filtering and management 
  • GDPR compliance
  • Mobile Device encryption 
  • User Access Controls management
  • Penetration testing / Vulnerability scanning 
  • EDR & 24hr Security Operations Centre 

Contact us if you would like to discuss cyber security further.


Ingenio Lightbulb, more than a portal

Ingenio Lighbulb is an app included in our fully managed plans for training, support access and asset management. This platform has dozens of commercial training courses, bespoke training guides, how to’s and guides. It’s installed on your work computers but also available in any web browser. Fully configurable, it’s the ultimate resource to help onboard your new staff or enhance your current employees. It’s the finance department’s best friend by giving you access to all your licensing and assets.

Ingenio University

Office 365 Training with videos and quizzes, knowledge base and guides

Budgeting Roadmap

Includes an always available technology roadmap to help you budget and avoid hidden costs.

Support Ticket portal

No more long confusing emails, all tickets display as clear and concise messages like facebook messenger

Change Management

Request changes, quotes, and ask for services. Including a bespoke staff onboarding and offboarding process.

License Management

View your Office 365 licensing, all in one place, making reconciliation a breeze and avoiding waste

Asset Management

Track all your IT assets across their life cycle - laptops, desktops, and servers.


The compliance module will highlight productivity bottlenecks, compliance issues, continuity problems, security issues, and more

For Finance

Access all old and current invoices as well as quotes with a few clicks.

Our IT support partners

Responsive IT Support Services London

Comprehensive London IT support, consultancy and troubleshooting with a dedicated account manager.

Business continuity relies heavily on network security, remote working logistics and dependable communication systems to manage teams, deliver exceptional customer service, and keep pace with demand – and, for every London office, when things go wrong, they can snowball.

Our efficient, capable IT support advisers are on hand to get you working faster and with rapid response assistance when you need it most. We offer a range of fully outsourced IT support for London-based businesses and devolved teams across Greater London.

We can tackle immediate cyber security issues, recommend network infrastructure upgrades, or provide around-the-lock managed IT support, with oversight of system capacity, attempted data breaches, and IT systems administration.

Leading London IT Support Services

Below you’ll find a snapshot of our most in-demand support services. You are welcome to contact us anytime to discuss the technology solutions or business IT support that will meet your needs head-on.
  • Cyber Security in London: a cost-effective audit of your IT systems and security, with recommendations and full implementation to provide future-proof, high-performance cyber security solutions.
  • IT Support Software: our support helpdesk can diagnose the trigger behind issues, identify the right fixes and restore your networks or connections quickly, with remote support available 24/7.
  • Microsoft 365: millions of London businesses struggle with legacy systems, concerned about the cost and disruption of transition. We’ll implement 365 seamlessly as approved Microsoft partners, helping your team communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world.
  • VoIP Telecoms: internet-hosted phone lines reduce costs, provide 100% portability, enable multitasking, and can be installed with custom networks to match the needs of your team.
  • Cloud Solutions: our dedicated account management team can provide support end-to-end with a transition from desktop and server-based systems to full or hybrid cloud computing
  • IT Infrastructure: Ingenio Technologies offers a deep-dive strategic analysis to evaluate the best IT solutions, security services and support contracts to help you meet your business objectives and stay ahead of the curve, with on-site support engineers or remote assistance as best suits.
  • We work in an outsourced IT support capacity with London companies of all sizes, from multi-site corporations to sole traders and small teams – we’re only a phone call away if you need scalable assistance from an award-winning IT support provider.
  • Our outsourced support services in London are flexible and adaptive, ensuring we address technology challenges and upskill your in-house team to implement the right data protection and business continuity for your sector, market, or trading environment.

We work in an outsourced IT support capacity with London companies of all sizes, from multi-site corporations to sole traders and small teams – we’re only a phone call away if you need scalable assistance from an award-winning IT support provider.

Our outsourced support services in London are flexible and adaptive, ensuring we address technology challenges and upskill your in-house team to implement the right data protection and business continuity for your sector, market, or trading environment.

London IT Support

London IT Support With a 100-Day Guarantee

Ingenio Technologies has absolute confidence that as your London provider of full-service IT assistance, you will be delighted with our professionalism, skill, and agility, whether you need to boost network security, source cost-effective remote support from our service desk, or need market-leading managed IT support longer term.

Our 100-day no-quibble guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind that if you decide to take another direction for any reason, we’ll part ways and wish you the very best of success, with no tie-ins, exit penalties or any other contractual clauses.

Many of our valued London clients have been with us for 18 years since we first launched back in 2005. We believe you won’t find comparable professional services elsewhere, but we endeavour to provide the ultimate in choice and transparent pricing.

Remote and Hybrid Working Support Services in London

Many businesses have introduced remote or hybrid working post-pandemic, and our London IT support team recognises the unique challenges this can bring. We can recommend the right support tailored to your operating systems, including:
  • Multi-user security support packages for use across all connected devices.
  • Cyber security solutions suited to broader network coverage.
  • Fully managed network administration to cope with heavy traffic and user authentications.
  • Award-winning rapid response help from our 24/7 support engineers.
  • Competitive pricing on new infrastructure or higher performance systems.
  • Advice on telecoms ideal for your in-house and remote colleagues to communicate to and from any location, or across borders.
  • Managed transitions to cloud solutions for data privacy and remote access.

Ingenio Technologies has worked with London businesses adopting remote working for several years and has established tools, processes, and expertise to adjust our professional services to a variety of hybrid working models.

We can support London companies from any location, including central London and across the southeast, with speedy next-day courier deliveries of hardware or components to anywhere around the Greater London region where necessary.

Affordable IT Support Services London From Award Winning Engineers

Our outsourced IT support technicians are approachable and jargon-free, aiming for maximum efficiency in minimal time. We ensure your IT support is budget-friendly and customised to your London business network.

Please get in touch at any time for a quick quote indication, an introduction to our support packages, or any information you may require about how we can address your business needs.

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