Managed IT Support for Active Sussex

Active Sussex is a charity organisation focused on promoting physical activity and movement to people facing barriers. They operate with an agile hybrid working policy, requiring a flexible and adaptable IT support system.

The Challenge

Active Sussex faced a significant challenge due to an office move in January 2023. They lost access to their previous IT services and needed to find a new provider to support their hardware, software, and staff onboarding needs. They were particularly concerned about finding a reliable and responsive IT support partner due to the critical role IT plays in their agile work environment.

How Ingenio Helped

Active Sussex contacted the Sussex Innovation Center for recommendations and was connected with Ingenio Technologies. Compared to other companies that never responded, Ingenio impressed them with their promptness and willingness to help.

Ingenio provided seamless onboarding support, including technical assistance with office setup, equipment installation, and staff onboarding. They also offered ongoing support, including a risk assessment that identified areas for improvement in Active Sussex’s IT security. Ingenio addressed various staff inquiries, resolved pre-existing laptop challenges, and kept Active Sussex management informed throughout the process.


Active Sussex is highly satisfied with Ingenio’s services. They appreciate Ingenio’s customer focus, promptness, technical expertise, and commitment to ongoing support. They are particularly impressed by Ingenio’s care and attention, which aligns with Active Sussex’s own values of supporting young people. Overall, Ingenio has helped Active Sussex maintain a smooth and efficient IT operation, enabling them to continue their work of promoting physical activity and movement in the community.

Key Points