Cyber Security Webinar – How to Protect Your Business

cyber security webinar

In this modern age, we store so much of our lives on our phones, laptops and other devices – for both work and pleasure. As we increasingly become more dependent on technology, the risk of a cyber-attack coincides and increases too.

Risk of a Cyber-attack

Last year, 39% of UK businesses identified cyber-attacks on their business. Unfortunately, these cyber-attacks are only worsening, and your business is at risk.

Are you aware of the risks cyber-attacks pose against your company data? If so, it’s time to prepare by adding cyber security to your business.

What is Cyber Security?

Put simply, cyber security protects your business devices from unauthorised access. It keeps your business safe and prevents a cybercriminal from attacking and accessing information.

Without the right (or any) cyber security, you are leaving your business wide open for hackers to come in, attack and access private data.

Imagine if a hacker was able to gain access to your business’s customer data, including credit and debit card information. This data breach would lead to you paying in damages and losing customer trust.

How important it is for businesses and organisations to have robust cyber security practices can’t be overstated. A data breach is just one example of how cyber security is essential for businesses and organisations.

How Much Cyber Security Does My Business Need?

Cyber Security has an array of products that can keep your business safe; knowing which products will work best for your business can be difficult to know without speaking to an expert.

We have written an easy explanation for understanding how much cyber security your business needs in a blog; click here to discover more.

Alternatively, join our cyber security webinar, “Cyber Security: How to Protect Your Business”, on Thursday, 23rd February, at 2:00 pm.

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What Will Our Webinar Contain?

Join us for an afternoon of thought leadership and Q&A with industry leaders who will provide valuable insights into the current security landscape.

Cyber security is such a huge topic to cover, so we are focussing on the following:

  • Threat Landscape
  • What Good Looks Like
  • Data Responsibility

Additionally, we’ll discuss the three foundational pillars of cybersecurity:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

Attending this webinar will help you identify the best next steps to reduce your risks and protect your business.

Guest Speaker

We have a special guest speaker Natalie Suarez, Principal Solutions Advisor at ConnectWise. Natalie was formerly the Director of the Connectwise Cybersecurity Task Force and has an array of experience when it comes to cybersecurity. She will be available to give you her knowledge and answer any pressing questions.

Cyber Security Bundle Package

Once you have attended the cyber security webinar, you will not only have a lot of fresh notes about cyber security, but you’ll also receive a Cyber Security bundle package. This includes a large cyber security essentials booklet, 15 ways to protect your business, and a voucher.

This webinar is coming up very soon, so make sure to book your place – click here!

If you have any questions about the webinar or cyber security, get in contact to speak to an expert today. Call 01273 806211 or email [email protected]