Our New Technician was an IT Genius at 12 Years Old.

Our freshest addition to the Ingenio Technologies family, Mohammed Abdul Shahed, has kindly accepted my invitation for an interview to discuss the transition into his new role.

I wanted to know a bit about him, his ambitions, and how he fits in with our company. The answers to these questions proved to be authentically interesting.

Shah… tell us about yourself and what it is that drives you to be a technician?

Since I was younger, I’ve always been fascinated with technology. When I was 12 I used to study at this place with a big room full of old and broken computer parts scattered everywhere. I was drawn to it, and the only issue was it was always locked. Well, Boys being boys, I got in there. I started to use the parts to make computers in my room.

So you learnt how to build PCs by yourself when you were just a kid?

Yeah, I used to love it. Some nights I would go without sleeping piecing together the different parts. I learnt how to build PC’s by trial and error at the age of 12, and even figured all about software too on Windows 2000/ME/XP. Once I created my own operating system disc.

How have you settled in these past 2 weeks?

Absolutely fine. I really like working at Ingenio Technologies and would even call it my second home. Everyone here is down to earth and friendly.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about working at Ingenio Technologies?

Ingenio Technologies has huge value and it’s great to work in a job that fits my passion. My least favourite thing would have to be the CRM software we use, ConnectWise. It takes some time to really get used to it.

What phrase or word would sum up your journey with Ingenio Technologies so far?

It’s like climbing a mountain. Every day there’s something new to learn. It’s a journey to reach the top.

We’re glad to hear you’ve settled in well Shah! Read about our previous recruits first week here.