How to Unsend an Email After You’ve Sent it.

It will please some of you to know that it is possible to remove a sent email from the recipient’s inbox… providing they haven’t read it.


There is many a situation where this technique is imperative. For example, you may have made spelling errors in an email to an important prospect, or you could have sent it to the wrong person!


This feature was introduced in Outlook 2010. So, if you are using any version of Outlook from 2010 onwards, you will be able to ‘Recall’ the sent email.


How to Unsend an Email


1. Click on Sent Items, and open up the email you would like to recall by double clicking it.

2. In the move box section, click on actions and then recall this message…

3. you now have the choice to either delete the unread copies of the message, or to delete the unread copies and replace them with a new message. the latter option is useful for when you’ve made a spelling error.

Remember, you can only unsend an email if the recipient has not read it. The longer you leave a message in a person’s inbox before you attempt to recall it, the more opportunities they have to read it. Time is key, so the email is more likely to successfully recall when it’s attempted sooner.