Welcome to the family Laura! – Ingenio Technologies latest recruit

For the first time in history, Ingenio Technologies has taken on board its very first Office Administrator.

With this exciting new episode, Laura day brings about many benefits to the company.

Her good nature and friendly voice will create a nice and welcoming conversation when someone calls up the company, making the caller feel appreciated. What really brings about good growth with this episode however is the fact that a lot of work load will be taken off of our Directors Simon and James, so they can focus their valued time into clients and improving the company as a whole.

I scheduled an interview with Laura to find out more about herself and her recent involvement in joining the company. Here’s how it went.

So Laura, what made you want to work as an office administrator?
I’ve always done it. I love Admin work and fixing mess and I generally like organising myself and other people. Just helping others is enjoyable to me.

Tell us a little about yourself?
Ah, I don’t like this question aha! Well, I would have to say that my passion lies in Dancing. I compete in competitions all around the world and have won countless amounts. I’m going to stoke this weekend and then Ireland the following. I know that dancing helps my organisation, focus and ability to handle pressure which I am grateful to have. I have worked for them though! These are skills I am more than happy and able to transfer into this job.

How is Ingenio Technologies different from your previous jobs?
My previous jobs have involved being in a very corporate workplace environment. It felt like I was more of a tool than a person in those jobs. Even though I’ve only been at Ingenio Tech for 2 weeks, I’ve already been treated more like a valued human being than my previous jobs combined. Ingenio Tech recognizes and nurtures talent and good people, which is what makes them a good company. You could even say this employee-company relationship is old fashioned now as a lot of workplaces have a very corporate feel.

That’s good to hear! How have you settled in?
I’ve had lots of 1-1 training. Everyone eased my nerves on my first day as they are easy to get along with.
What are you going to learn in the future?
I’m going to learn everything there is to learn about administration in relation to Ingenio Tech. Things work differently here to my previous jobs.

What do you think makes Ingenio Technologies unique?

Their selling points. The way they deal with things on a personal level. The directors are so involved in everything and don’t just leave it entirely to their staff.

Thanks Laura! It’s been a pleasure working with you so far and I hope you enjoy your future with us!

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