Why your business needs Microsoft 365 support

Why your business needs Microsoft 365 support

If you use Microsoft 365, there will be times when you run into issues that prevent you from carrying out your work, it’s essential to ensure that Microsoft 365 meets your company goals and maintains smooth and secure operations to encourage business success. With dedicated Microsoft 365 support in your company, you can help your employees work more efficiently and prevent issues like compliance and cybersecurity.

Most people have heard of Microsoft 365 and have used it for work or personally. It is used by more than one million companies around the world and there are nearly 250 million monthly active users – a lot of people are there. It is so popular because it has many different features that businesses and individual users can use, such as email, cloud storage, a way to collate data and write up documents etc.

Let’s take a look at why you should have Microsoft 365 support from an IT service provider

Making the most of Microsoft 365

Almost every new technology rollout faces some challenges, one of which is resistance from employees. Technology is difficult to understand and it’s important that your employees have some basic familiarity with the software.

You need to make sure that all of your Microsoft 365 applications are being adopted after deployment. Employees need training on software such as Microsoft 365 to help your business get the maximum benefits from the Microsoft 365 investment. Users must become familiar with the products as well as the company’s business model and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with peers.

Correct Configuration

Microsoft 365 can be configured to meet the needs of your business. Appropriate user behaviours need to be outlined to avoid compliance issues. Cyber security threats, such as configuration issues, are one of the leading causes of cyberattacks today, especially within the healthcare sector – read more about this and the HIPAA violations here. You can rest assured of configuration best practices, policies, and standards through Microsoft 365 support.

Dedicated Microsoft 365 support will not only monitor configuration settings and application usage, but it will enable you to correct any anomalies and enforce your company policies immediately. The service transforms detection and rectification, a task that would have been time-consuming, into a transparent, intuitive process.

Frustrating sign-in issues

It can be difficult for new users to access their accounts in Microsoft 365. Problems can be caused by using the wrong credentials or by the service that manages logins malfunctioning. You need the login details you created or what the admin gave you to use Microsoft 365 for business or education. You should consult the system administrator if you can’t open your account.


  • Check whether you are typing the right password – is the Caps Lock on? Have you accidentally put a space while typing?
  • If you cannot remember your password, click on the “Can’t Access Your Account” link which will reset your password
  • Then, if all fails, contact your Microsoft 365 support team.

Syncing Microsoft 365 files

Using the web, mobile or desktop app, you can access files and documents from anywhere, thanks to Microsoft. If you have a good internet connection, this is great for hybrid workers who need to access all their files wherever they are. Imagine starting your day with issues where you can’t access important files because your Microsoft 365 doesn’t sync. You could try to fix this yourself by restarting OneDrive or checking your account is connected but this would waste a lot of time. Having dedicated IT support for Microsoft 365 is essential to get you back working quickly and efficiently.


In summary, Microsoft 365 offers many benefits for businesses (read exactly what those benefits are in a previous blog we wrote about why use Microsoft 365 for your business here), but in order to make the most out of the software and use it in a safe and efficient way, Microsoft 365 support is essential.

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