15 Reasons why your Business needs Office 365

Office 365 sets employees free, so they can work to their true potential.


What is the most important aspect in order to increase your profitability? Staff. Your staff is what grows your business; and your staff’s performance, productivity and creativity is increased by the technology they use.
Never before has technology had such an important role on the way staff work, and never has there before been such an all-inclusive software package such as Office 365. Here are 15 reasons why your business needs Office 365.

1. Collaboration

Outlook and Skype for business provides easy formal and informal digital communication throughout your business. In the new office 365 2016 editions of Word and PowerPoint, you can actually work in real time with your employees and contribute on it together.

2. Updates of Microsoft package

Buying programs such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excell individually means you will only have that version. Office 365 will constantly update your programs for you as each version gets released.

3. Planning

Once you start using calendar requests to schedule meetings, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

4. Servers no more

Don’t worry about replacing your server every 5 years, having to pay to maintain it and even eliminate the worry of server failures. Microsoft is an incredibly reliable cloud service that will keep your data safe and retrievable at all times.

5. Access your information whenever you want, where ever

Need to look up some document out of the office and out of office hours? No problem, just log in to your online portal and access all your documents just like you were at your office.

6. Secure

Office 365 is a secure cloud service and information is encrypted as it travels through the cloud.

7. Work on multiple devices

It’s possible to work and access your data on mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops on the go.

8. Access to the following applications:

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, Access. These programs will always be updated to the latest version.

9. The ability to install multiple times

Each user can install Office 365 up to five times.

10. Professional email client with 50GB inbox per user

Enjoy 50 GB of inbox per user including business class emails, calendar, and contacts.

11. Privacy

Enjoy knowing your data is safeguarded and your privacy protected.

12. Affordability

Office 365 has a low monthly cost. It replaces the need for an in house server, which can save you thousands.
Also, there is no need to buy new software such as Word and Excell every couple of years to keep it up to date.

13. Scalability

Office 365 allows you to add or subtract tools and applications as your business needs change.

14. Flexibility

If you’re not ready to move your data to the cloud, you can still keep data on office premises or even use the cloud at the same time to create a hybrid environment.

15. The 99.9% Service level agreement

Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

When your business migrates to Office 365 with Ingenio Technologies, there are a number of extended benefits.

1. Enterprise grade support on Office 365

We take responsibility for your Office 365 and will be proactive in the support we give you for it – all included in the fixed price.

2. Management

Need to add or remove new users? Set up administration rights and accounts? We’ve got you covered

3. Speedy help

Important issues will be addressed within 15 minutes. Other issues will be set to be resolved within the hour.

4. Save time for your in-house IT department

If you have an in-house IT department, they won’t have to spend time on Office 365, including emails, account management, and all other Office 365 enquiries.

5. Enjoy create customer service.

We have a 98.3% positive feedback score of all time from our clients. We are also proud to have a 98% client retention rate for the past 5 years and counting.


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