5 Tech Secrets that Winning Businesses are Using Today

A winning business recognises that technology is a crucial factor in reaching its goals. It adapts new technologies to reduce costs, increases productivity and maximise profits. Here are 5 secrets about technology that winning businesses are using today.


  1. They Save thousands with the cloud

An in-house server, in which employees could access files on the same network and use to send emails, starts at around £5,000. It would also require a maintenance fee that would set you back hundreds per month, and you would have to replace that server every 5 years!

Luckily, there is now a much more affordable, safer and efficient alternative – The cloud. Businesses have the opportunity to cut back thousands on costs whilst improving their business. Winning Businesses recognise and have implemented services such as Office 365 or File Sharing Tools.


  1. Their employees are Cyber Security Trained

Each employee of a winning business knows how to recognise a phishing email, a fake site or fraudulent activity. If one employee falls victim to a cyber-attack, the whole of your businesses network can be infected.

  1. Their Telephone System is Flexible & Adaptable

Not only is their emails or file sharing tools in the cloud, but their telephone system is too. With cloud telephony, winning businesses are able to achieve far more flexibility. They can use their phones anywhere in the world, they can use different devices to access their personal work numbers, and they can send voicemails as MP3 files to their email.

To find out more about Cloud Telephone Systems, you can watch this short video that we made. Click here to find out more.


  1. They use a CRM software & Instant messaging

Yes, this seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many businesses still don’t use one. Customer Relationship Management software is key for staying on top of client & prospect interactions. It’s an essential tool of growing your business.

When it comes to instant messaging, some companies use Skype for Business or Slack. Communicating with staff through instant messaging software means you’ll get your answer instantly. Much faster than email.


  1. They outsource their IT

Time, productivity, money and peace of mind are the main attributes stolen by IT issues. And with Technology being one of the most important parts of a business today, it’s wise to protect it. Winning businesses who outsource their IT benefit from 24/7 support, a dedicated helpdesk, and technology consulting. You have the opportunity to use your IT Support team to assist in the growth of your company, which they will do through technology.


A winning business is not scared about change. It’s adaptable and innovative when it comes to incorporating new technologies – especially when they can rely on their IT Support team to handle everything for them.


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