A Day in the life of Sam

After unlocking the office at 7:50 am and starting the day with a strong coffee, the first job is to check everything is on-line and ready to go for our customers; If there’s been a power cut, an internet problem or a server failure the night before, this will be shown on our display board.

As well as being alerted to issues on the display board, our ticketing system will have created a list of events, warnings and errors that need to be checked through. This morning we pro-actively detected a hard drive failure before it happened, which will have saved a customer a lot of frustration!

Once the “daily checks” are out of the way, the next step is to plan and organise my day. A lot of my job requires

identifying what is a genuine priority (such as a server failure), or what can be assigned later in the day (such as a printing issue, if the user has another printer available).

Now that the day is planned, my helpdesk colleagues arrive at 8:30am  and 9:00am. We’re ready to start working on the existing tickets and also taking new calls and responding to new email requests.

Some of my other tasks include setting up or fixing equipment in our workshop and going on-site.  The team take it in turns to go on-site, but as an example, I could be out to install new PCs, upgrades or troubleshoot printing issues.

After a busy day, I finish at 5:00 pm and head back to Hove for a well earned rest!