Advantages of a docking station

Advantages of a docking station

Where do you work? From the office, or at home, or maybe a bit of both. Many of us have adapted to hybrid working – only coming into the office a few times a week for meetings, the rest spent working from home.

Having the right equipment, as we looked at in a previous blog – how to create the perfect working from home setup, has a huge impact on the success of working from home. One tool we mentioned is a docking station, which is a device that enables your transition from a portable laptop to a desktop setup – it is a game changer for hybrid workers.

Here are some of the advantages of having a docking station:

Additional Outputs and Less Cables

Laptops tend to only have one video output connector, with a docking station you can connect up to 3 external monitors. As well as some other ports that aren’t always standard with laptops – like a DisplayPort or a network adapter. A docking station levels up your laptop’s potential.

Most docking stations utilise a USB-C cable as the connector between the laptop and dock. These usually have a feature called PowerShare – meaning that your laptop is also being charged at the same time as gaining the additional ports docking station provides – all through that single cable.

Save money

Think back to how you used to work from home years ago, you would have used your work computer and your home computer separately. A docking station means that all you need is a laptop that plugs into your docking station which has already been setup with your monitors and external devices (like a wireless keyboard and mouse) and everything is there ready to go – meaning there is no need to buy a secondary desktop computer, saving you a lot of money.

Tidy workspace

Take a look at your current workspace, how many wires are in front of you? A docking station will limit the number of wires you have on your desk. This will keep everything neat and tidy, which will be a relief for someone who likes to keep everything neat and tidy.


Docking stations make it easier for you and your staff to hotdesk. You can set a docking station up in the office with multiple displays, keyboard and mouse and have it all ready to be used be whoever is in the office next. Making hybrid working much easier for everyone. The only thing you need is your laptop!

Overall, docking stations are very worthwhile investing in, especially if your team are hybrid workers. If you would like to discuss more about docking stations, contact us today and speak to our technical experts – call us on 01273 806211 or email [email protected].