Why Cyber Wisdom Matters: Unveiling the Top Threats of 2023 and Fortify’s Defence

2023's Top Cyber Threats & SentinelOne's Fortify Defence

Why Cyber Wisdom Matters: Unveiling the Top Threats of 2023 and Fortify’s Defence

In today’s rapidly digitising world, the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ couldn’t be more pertinent. At Ingenio Technologies, we believe in not just equipping you with knowledge but also providing the tools to translate this knowledge into formidable defence. With cyber threats escalating in both volume and sophistication, we dive into the biggest challenges of 2023 and introduce the unparalleled protective capabilities of Ingenio’s Fortify.

The Cyber Threat Landscape of 2023

Ransomware 2.0: 2023 has seen a sharp surge in ransomware attacks. However, they’re not just your average file-encrypting menaces anymore. Threat actors have adapted to develop multi-faceted attacks targeting both data availability and integrity. Supply Chain Attacks: Infiltrating through third-party vendors and suppliers, these stealthy attacks have profound implications, crippling even the giants in the industry. AI-Powered Phishing: As we harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for good, cybercriminals are doing the same for their nefarious ends. AI-driven phishing campaigns, which can mimic writing styles and habits, have become all too common. IoT Vulnerabilities: As the Internet of Things continues its expansion, so does its vulnerability landscape. These connected devices often lack rigorous security protocols, making them easy targets.

Ingenio’s Fortify: The Guardian in the Shadows

Amidst these emerging threats, how does one stay protected? Enter Ingenio’s Fortify. 1. Behavioural AI Technology: Going beyond signature-based detections, Fortify analyses behaviour patterns, ensuring threats – even previously unseen ones – are detected and neutralised swiftly. 2. 24/7 SOC Vigilance: With Fortify, protection is constant. Our Security Operations Centre remains on high alert, monitoring and addressing threats even while you sleep. 3. Holistic Protection: Fortify isn’t restricted to just your office systems. From your desktop to your mobile and IoT devices, every digital touchpoint is safeguarded. 4. Rapid Response: In the rare instance that a threat penetrates the defences, Fortify’s rapid response and remediation protocols swing into action, minimising damage and ensuring continuity.

Why Cyber Wisdom Truly Matters

While being aware of cyber threats is the first step, action is the bridge to true cybersecurity. Ingenio’s Fortify embodies this principle, translating cyber wisdom into tangible, relentless defence. This October, as we champion Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we urge you to not just be aware but to be cyber wise. Don’t compromise. Fortify. Looking to upgrade your cybersecurity strategy? Contact Ingenio Technologies today and let us help you build a robust digital fortress.