What Can VoIP Actually Do For Your Business?

If you follow us on social media or read our blogs, you may have seen a lot of posts about VoIP telephones recently. We’ve talked about what it is, how they empowered other businesses, and the data it can provide you with, but what can VoIP actually do for your business?


Give you a predictable monthly communications budget.

No longer are the days of unexpected phone bills. ISDN telephone systems would often leave businesses in the dark in terms of costs. With VoIP, you know exactly what you pay, every month, allowing you to budget your communications systems.


Give you 4,000 minutes of free calls per user, per month.

Not only, do you know how much you pay each month, but each user gets 4,000 minutes to UK mobiles and landlines per month. What’s more is that calls to other users are free no matter where they are located.


You can make calls without your office phone.

You’re not limited to your office phone to make calls. Enjoy making calls from your smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other internet connected device whilst keeping the same number and extension! You don’t have to be tied to your office to use this feature. You can be anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.



Disaster Recovery.

Because you can make calls from any device, anywhere in the world at any time, VoIP is the perfect disaster recovery solution for your communications. If your business depends on its communication system, I’m sure you know how much a day or two off could cost you. If anyone is unable to get to the office, employees can work from home on their own devices, or you could hire out some offices for the day whilst keeping your business numbers. There is no traditional telephone hardware on-site as it’s all in the cloud.

You can send Voicemails to your email via MP3.

This doesn’t just go for you. All your employees can link their office telephone’s voicemails to their emails, making sure they never miss an opportunity.


Save you a huge amount in upfront costs.

A client of ours had recently enquired about a new telephone system and was delighted when he found out how much VoIP telephones cost; especially after his IT manager estimated a new telephone system would cost around £50,000. You see, with VoIP you pay a fixed monthly fee per month, instead of investing heavily in telephone lines, PBX (a box on the wall), handsets and installation costs.


Why Ingenio Technologies is the right Telephone Provider for you.


  • We are engaged with our clients
    We have quarterly meetings to discuss their business goals, operations, and how we can assist in improving the business.
  • Our helpdesk
    Is one of our main features at Ingenio Tech. If you want something changed with your phone system or have a technical issue, we’ll respond to your problem in less than an hour. Guaranteed.
  • Communication with a human is easy
    We’re one call away from any questions you may have. No more vague communication with your communications provider.
  • We understand business.
    We’ve been around for 12 years, we understand the challenges to grow but to remain competitive at the same time. Ultimately we can talk on a business level to make sure our phones are the correct choice – if they’re not, we’ll walk away. Our sales people are the founders/directors, so no high-pressured selling.


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