An Ingenio Technologies Adventure

For our quarterly staff gathering this July, Ingenio Technologies arranged for a treetop journey at Go Ape in Crawley. We were informed to bring courage and a sense of adventure.
Tears and fears were high (Not naming anyone!) and adrenaline was flowing – and that was before we started the course!

Live Action Video at the end.

Above^ on the way to the course it started raining heavily. We had booked the day on a high weather-warning weekend. Although we were soaked on the first course, It made it that bit more intense.


Ingenio Technologies are one of the top 30 Dell Partners! Our Director James was invited to Dubai to celebrate. Join him on his holiday here.


The leap of faith. Tarzan swing at the start.

Adam, Simon and James floating

“It was such a fun day out and nice to spend time with everyone in the company all together. Finding out each other’s fears and helping people with them was great.”

– Laura Day
Admin Assistant

Next time, we go to Tulleys Shocktober Fest. Read about it here.