The Disaster Recovery Myths Worth Dispelling

Disaster Recovery is no longer in the dark ages. It’s more reliable, efficient and affordable than it ever has been. However, some business owners still believe the myths about Disaster Recovery, even though they are no longer True!

Tape Backups are the best Disaster Recovery solution

Tape is a physical object that deteriorates over time. Just like cassette tapes, a tape backup will eventually become distorted and no longer work. Although they are better than nothing, Disaster Recover through the cloud is much more efficient. This involves your data being backed up to an offsite location. A benefit to this is that if your office is affected by a natural disaster, your backup won’t be.

Using the cloud as backup is much cheaper than having an in-house backup server, and safer. Data is stored in data centres with banks of backup batteries.

Modern DR has another benefit that tape does not – time. Backing up tapes is time consuming, whereas modern day DR service providers eliminate this, as they take care of everything.


70% of downtime is directly related to human Error. (source)


Disaster Recovery is for large organisations, not SMBs

Because of the cloud, any business can equal their technology to larger organisations. From dentists to retail, Disaster Recovery is essential to a business. What’s more is that the Cloud

A small business our Accountant used to work at experienced downtime due to their server failing. This resulted in losing 3 days of saved work and data, costing them thousands. If you want to read about this we have made a case study outlining all the costs here.



Less than half of Small Businesses Backup their Data Weekly. (source)


The Recovery Time Objective will be too expensive.

The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the targeted duration of time and service level agreement in which a business process must be restored after a disaster. In the old days before the cloud, a quick recovery time could cost a business tens of thousands. Today, tools such as the cloud and virtualization have made this tremendously more affordable. What’s more is that most Disaster Recovery providers can backup your data in a matter of minutes, and recovery it in a matter of hours.


We hope these myths have helped you to understand how Disaster Recovery has evolved and how powerful and necessary it is for a business now.