Why does your business need a disaster recovery plan?

Why does your brighton business need a isaster recovery plan

Your Brighton business data is threatened every day by a number of factors; natural disasters, hardware failures, human error, and cyber-attacks, to name a few. In order to mitigate these potential threats from affecting your business, it is strongly advised to have a disaster recovery plan.

Let’s look at what this is – A disaster recovery plan is a documented process outlining an organisation’s response to a disaster that affects their business and technology.

Disaster Recovery Plan

The goal of a disaster recovery plan is to reduce downtime, minimise complexity, and ensure your business gets back up and running. Every business is different and will need to adapt its disaster recovery plan according to its needs, as the way they use and store data will be different.

Benefits of a disaster recovery plan?

Minimise downtime  

Regardless of a business’s size or industry, downtime is a great inconvenience and results in loss of revenue. For some essential businesses, downtime can also result in an individual being unable to access the services they desperately need. With a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, businesses will still experience downtime, but it will be significantly shorter, which reduces the amount of lost revenue.

Continue positive client relationships

A cyber-attack or any disaster that disrupts your business will not only affect you but also your clients. It will cause them to be frustrated as they are unable to access systems and services. This can also have an impact on your reputation as people may not want to associate themselves with a company that has had a data breach. If a business is down for too long, customers may stop using the services altogether. A disaster recovery plan can ensure that customers will still get a continuation of service when a disaster occurs.

Prevent the dreaded ransom payment

Ransomware criminals previously targeted large businesses as they were able to demand larger ransoms. Over recent years they have learnt that targeting smaller businesses is easier and can be done more frequently, due to weaker IT security. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan should include a secure backup service, making it easy to retrieve the backup as it won’t be in the hands of ransomware cyber criminals. You can read more about the importance of backups here…

I’m sure you are always on the lookout to prevent any disasters from taking place and want the best for your business. However, there are always going to be issues that you cannot predict and that is out of your control. With a disaster recovery plan, you will ensure that your business can continue to function in the event of the unthinkable – create your plan now. Speak to our experts who can advise on implementing changes that will protect your business, call today on 01273 806211 or email [email protected]

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