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Once we have an understanding of the cyber attack, we will deploy our team and begin to tackle the attack.

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Our team will work hard to get your business up and running again, so your business can go back to functioning.

A cyber attack can cripple a business. The longer you wait to act, the more destructive it becomes.

83% of small businesses haven’t put cash aside for dealing with a cyber attack.

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A cyber attack will waste so much valuable time.

40% of small businesses experienced eight or more hours of downtime due to a cyber breach.

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Ingenio’s emergency response to a Cyber attack

Ingenio’s Security Framework – Identify, Protect, RECOVER.

Recover after an attack

Our technicians will use Ingenio’s innovative cyber security software along with the ‘Recover’ part of our framework to get your business up and running again.

We’ll safely rollback your systems to a working state, so you and your business can go back to working like normal.

This is the final step of our security framework, which takes place once a cyber attack has happened - to read more about the other stages click here

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Cybercrime can be a frightening subject, but with Ingenio, your business will be kept safe and secure

As a cyber security provider, we are supporting and supplying more than 60 local businesses with the most efficient security – giving them the protection their business deserves

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