What happened to Windows 9? – Ask Ingenio Technologies

Before Windows 10, the last operating system Microsoft released was 8.

This week’s question was asked by a social media follower regarding Windows 9.

So why isn’t there a Windows 9?

Windows 7 and 8 were the only operating systems by Microsoft to actually follow a numerical order. Before Windows 7 there wasn’t a windows 6; there was Windows vista. And before that was Windows XP, and then 3… etc. There isn’t really a set order for the names of each operating system, so why would Microsoft start now?


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There are also other suggestions. James Plafke from ExtremeTech suggests it’s because the number 9 is unlucky in Japan (I guess we shouldn’t expect a Windows 13 then).

Terry Myerson from Microsoft thought that Windows One would be a more fitting name. This would fit alongside the Xbox one, One note, and One drive, but as it happens that name has already been taken by their first operating system.

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