How secure is your email?

Small businesses are at the most risk from attackers. Find out the steps you can take to keep your data safe.

One in every 99 emails you receive is a phishing attack. All it takes is one click by mistake and a hacker can access your account.

Hackers want to break into your email to plunder your business bank account.

Every business is under attack, every day.

  • Don’t lose your hard-earned money: You could lose £1000s to someone who looks like they’re one of your team.
  • Don’t put your business at risk: It can take up to 2 whole years to discover there has been a breach of security
  • Nearly impossible to spot a perfectly crafted, fake email: Unless staff have been trained it can be almost
    impossible to spot a fake email​

Discover how hackers easily break into your email and plunder your business account

Download our free Email Hijack book now for steps you can take to protect yourself:
What happens when you get in touch?

Protect your profit

A data breach can cost £1000s, be prepared and know how to prevent an attack from taking place by reading this guide.

Protect your staff

Phishing emails are hard to spot, educate staff about this issue through reading this guide, making them more aware.

Secure your business

Becoming more familiar with cyber security and phishing emails will stop an attack from taking place, enabling your business to continue to flourish.


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Business Security Assessment

Discover loopholes and security issues in your network, then learn how to revise these through our easily explained improvements

Keep business safe

Small businesses are the easiest targets for hackers. This assessment will highlight areas of security that you need to improve.

Reduce your stress about security

The constant changes to the security landscape can be a minefield. Understand which security products your business requires to keep it secure.

NO hassle, NO fee guarantee

It takes a lot of time and a considerable amount of money to carry out a security audit. Sign up and let us do the hard work for you.

39% of UK companies have reported a data breach incident in the past 12 months. Costing businesses an average of £19,400

A lot of people underestimate the severity of cyber attacks. Have you ever thought “It won’t happen to me”?

Now think about what would happen if your business did have a cyber attack. Is your business prepared? 

You need to get your business security right all the time, whereas a cyber criminal only had to get it right once.

You can start by seeing which areas of your business need security improvements, sign up and get your FREE Business Security Assessment now.

Sign up to get our free Business Security Assessment that will easily explain the security issues your business currently has and improvements for you to make

Do you know how secure your business is?

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