Why ISDN telephones are in decline

Step aside ISDN, there’s a new kid on the block – Hosted VoIP.


Unlike the turbulent shifts in computing technology, there hasn’t been any major ‘shifts’ in the business telephony market place in 10-15 years. That is, until now.
ISDN is disappearing because it’s old technology.  Once upon a time, it was the only way to have business telephones.


In 2015, BT announced their intention to retire the UK’s ISDN Infrastructure by 2025. A BT spokesman stated “The demand for IDSN has dived with the availability of cheap, fast broadband.”. This also means over the next 8 years BT will stop investing in ISDN, making it less reliable over time.


A survey by Timico last year found that 52% of IT managers now also have responsibility for telecoms. Hosted VoIP gives IT managers the opportunity to be the main line of support for telephones, rather than a slow, apathetic telephone company. If Businesses don’t have IT managers, their IT support company should be able to use and manage the system quickly and efficiently. VoIP telephones are essentially computers. You don’t even need to have an engineer on site to configure and fix them, it can be done remotely.


A major factor that ISDN is in decline is because businesses are demanding more flexibility from their telephony system. VoIP telephones are able to:


  • Change Offices and keep the same geographic number with no call forwarding costs.
  • Maintain business continuity – for example, if an office is temporarily re-located in an emergency, VoIP can play a part in the disaster recovery plan.
  • Reduce call costs. IP connectivity costs less than ISDN and offers free internal calls.
  • Rationalise ISDN lines and reduce the number of PBXs – PBXs can even be hosted in the cloud
  • Utilise a phone service that can cope with any emergency and offer 100% uptime.
  • Use a single connection for high quality voice and data services.


The message is clear, ISDN is stepping down for a new, stronger successor. Hosted VoIP.

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