An Open Letter to Businesses still using Ordinary Printers

Dear ordinary printer user,

As a business owner, it’s widely recognised that taking a step back to evaluate the Provisionals of your business is essential for profitability and productivity.

However, printers are usually not given a second thought about and pushed to the corner. It’s time to acknowledge how an ordinary printer isn’t giving you the optimum profitability and productivity you need, and how a leading-edge, affordable alternative could help you.

Did you know that companies tend to underestimate total print costs by as much as 40%? Printing is the single most unaudited business expense, despite the fact the average business spends between 1-3% of their total revenue on printing.

The three biggest problems an ordinary printer has are…

  1. There are often problems and complications.
  2. The cost of ink/toner, support & maintenance.
  3. Ink/toner runs out at an inconvenient time.


I think you would be impressed to know that Managed Printers eliminates these problems for good.


Managed Printers


  1. Continuous Support and maintenance are included with Managed Printers, so you don’t have to be responsible for your printer issues anymore. Simply contact a technician to fix it, and if a technician is needed on site to fix it, we’ll send one for free.
  2. Managed print is a service that includes toner and paper delivery, printer support, maintenance and of course the printers. This means there are no large upfront costs; Instead, you have a fixed monthly fee – Enjoy knowing exactly how much you will pay each month. Additionally, you cut out the middle man on supplies such as toner and paper.
  3. With advanced technology, Managed Printers are able to monitor usage and proactively order more supplies. The minute you’re running low, this will be detected and a new toner and additional supplies will be shipped to your location. Never run out of toner and paper again.


I would like to point out that Managed Printers are advanced pieces of technology that perform to the highest of quality.


If you would like to find out more about Managed Printers, we are offering a free Managed Print Consultation. Go to this page to claim your 15 minutes telephone meeting here:



Kind Regards,

Simon Smyth
Ingenio Tech


Cut Costs and Frustration with Managed Print Services