Navigating Safely: How Microsoft Edge’s Security Update Protects Your Business

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In an era where cyber threats are evolving rapidly, the security of your web browser is more important than ever. For businesses, especially those of our typical client size – around 17 employees – robust online protection isn’t just advisable; it’s essential. Here at Ingenio Technologies, we understand this imperative need, and that’s why we’re excited about Microsoft’s latest security update for Edge.

The Rising Tide of Cyber Threats:

Recent statistics present a startling picture: 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, yet only 14% are prepared to defend themselves (Cybersecurity Magazine). In the UK, a small business is successfully hacked every 19 seconds, leading to not just data loss but also significant financial and reputational damage (Hiscox).

Why Microsoft Edge’s Update Matters:

Password Monitor:

Issue: Credential theft is a major problem, with 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraging either stolen or weak passwords (Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report). Solution: Edge’s Password Monitor alerts you if your passwords are found in a data breach, enabling immediate action.

SmartScreen Technology:

Issue: Phishing attempts have increased by 65% in the last year, becoming the most common cyber attack (Retruster). Solution: SmartScreen compares websites against a database of known threats and analyses URLs for suspicious traits, significantly reducing the risk of falling prey to phishing or malware. Real-World Impact: Consider the example of a mid-sized retail company in the UK. They suffered a significant breach due to an employee inadvertently accessing a malicious site. This single incident cost them thousands in damages and lost customer trust. Had they been using a browser like Edge with SmartScreen technology, this could have been averted.

Staying Ahead of the Game:

Today, it’s not just about having antivirus software. Your browser is your first line of defence. With Microsoft Edge’s new security features, you’re not only protecting your data but also safeguarding your business’s future.

Closing Thoughts:

At Ingenio Technologies, we specialise in optimising IT solutions like Microsoft 365 for businesses. Our goal is to ensure that your company is not just operational but also secure in the digital space. Microsoft Edge’s latest update is a step in the right direction, and we’re here to help you integrate these advancements into your business framework seamlessly.

What should you do next?

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