New Webroot Shield Upgrade

By Adam Hancock, Senior Engineer


Ensure your safety while browsing the web with the New Webroot Shield Upgrade.


On the 28th November 2016, Webroot released an upgrade to users Anti-Virus Web Threat Shield. The upgrade included a Webroot extension to user’s browsers. Users with reboot would have received an automatic pop-up to install this browser extension. After accepting, users may need to restart their browsers.


Webroot protects you when browsing the internet.

It identifies and blocks out dangerous websites that could infect your device.

Webroot’s Web Shield Filtering Extension examines and classifies search results, clearly marking sites as safe, questionable or dangerous before you visit. Our anti-phishing shield blocks fake websites that try to trick you into entering your personal information. Webroot scans the internet three times a day classifying millions of URLs, apps, and files as trustworthy or suspicious to protect your online world.


We at Ingenio Tech suggest our clients use it for improved security on the web.

However, there are some reviews online saying how some users hate how the look of chrome changes when searching, and some have reported ‘weird’ search results. If you do want to uninstall Webroot threat shield, ask us.