Get safe and secure passwords with a password manager

Secure passwords contribute vitally to the safety of your businesses data.

Everything we access online requires a username and password. Do you use the same password for everything

51% of people use the same passwords for both work and personal accounts.

Using the same password for everything puts you at risk of hackers breaking into all your accounts and stealing personal information. Check out our blog where we explain the risk of not using secure passwords.

Stop wasting time creating unsafe passwords and be reassured by using a password manager, download our free guide where we educate you on the reasons why you should use a password manager

Discover why you would benefit from using a password manager

Download our free guide to educate yourself on how you can keep your business data safe and secure through secure passwords

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Secure your data

Small businesses are the easiest targets for hackers. Don’t let them gain access to your passwords and then business data.

Keep your money safe

In the UK the average cost of a data breach is around £25,000. You need secure passwords to prevent this.

Be reassured

Knowing all staff have secure passwords will reassure you that your business continues to stay out of the hands of cyber criminals.


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