What Most People don’t know about Office 365

By Zain Hassan, Helpdesk Analyst


Ingenio Technologies are passionate about Office 365. We understand why businesses are moving to it more and more and recommend it to business’s who have not yet joined to know or understand the benefits. It’s the best package of collaborative technologies on the market to date.

It includes, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, Skype for Business, Cloud storage, Calendars and emails, apps for tablets and phones and much more; All a part of the cloud in which you and your team can access and edit collaboratively.

There are lots of fantastic features many business owners don’t know about, which could make their work more efficient, interesting and even more stylish. This is why I’ve put together this blog of what most people don’t know about office 365. Enjoy!


Edit PDF files in Word

Simply Right click on a PDF, then choose Open with > Word 2016.

It will ask you to convert it to a Word file. Click ok.



Sway is a design rich program in which you can make reports, blogs and presentations in minutes. All beautifully presented. Sway is easy to use and can make your work look more stylish and interesting.


Instead of attaching files in an email, you can link to them.

Send links to file located in shared areas. This is useful because you won’t have to keep saving the files you send between colleagues, as you will be using the same version of the file. It also allows you to share large files which many email systems will simply reject.


You can turn your notes from OneNote into a calendar entry


You’ve typed up an idea into OneNote, and now you want to take action and dive into it more. Instead of copying and pasting and setting a time manually into Outlook, just click the ‘Outlook Tasks’ option in the ribbon at the top of the page.


Use a map to display your location data

In Excel click ‘Bing maps’. Then select the data you want to use and click ‘insert sample data’.

What Most People don’t know about Office 365 Ingenio

Microsoft are regularly adding new features and benefits, so it’s interesting to wonder what they might do next! I hope that you find some of these features useful and implement them into your work.