Top 10 IT issues our Brighton IT Support faces each day, and how to fix them

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Dealing with Common IT Challenges: Proactive Tips and Solutions

Ingenio Technologies is one of the highest-rated IT companies in Brighton. We provide IT support across Sussex and the UK and are committed to providing swift and effective solutions to IT Support challenges that can arise unexpectedly. Despite our proactive monitoring efforts to prevent issues, some problems are inevitable. Below, we address the most frequent IT Support questions we receive on our Brighton helpdesk and provide some solutions to ensure minimal disruption to your Sussex business operations.

1. Trouble Logging In

Logging into your system should be seamless, but technical glitches can occasionally prevent access and potentially disrupt your workflow. Here’s how you can resolve login issues efficiently:

  • Check simple errors like whether caps lock is accidentally on (this is very common).
  • Consider whether your password has expired and needs updating.
  • Remember that multiple failed attempts may lock you out for security reasons. Our IT support team is equipped to reset passwords or restore user rights swiftly, ensuring you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

2. Encountering the Blue Screen of Death

The infamous blue screen of death, while now less frequent with Windows 11, still poses a significant inconvenience when it does occur, often signalling deeper hardware or software issues. Here are steps to mitigate this problem:

  • A reboot might fix the problem if it’s a minor glitch.
  • Note down any error codes and the last few actions performed on the device.
  • Please contact our Brighton IT support helpdesk with this information, as it will help diagnose and resolve the issue more efficiently.

3. Accidental File Deletion

Accidentally deleting an important file can cause panic and potential data loss. However, there are several ways to attempt recovery before turning to professional help:

  • First, check your Recycle Bin or Trash to see if the file is still there.
  • Avoid using the device further to prevent data overwrite.
  • Our advanced data recovery methods can restore your files from backups even if they seem permanently deleted. Our Brighton IT support helpdesk can normally restore files in less than 15 minutes, so there’s no need to panic.

4. Document Closure Without Saving

It’s easy to close a document without saving, especially during a busy day, which can lead to the loss of important work. Here’s how to recover unsaved documents and prevent future issues:

  • Microsoft 365’s AutoRecover feature may have automatically saved a version of your document.
  • Search your system for temporary files which may contain unsaved data.
  • We can assist in setting up best practices for saving and recovering documents to prevent future incidents.

5. Slow Computer Performance

A slow computer can drastically reduce productivity by hampering your ability to perform tasks efficiently. The problem is that Windows and applications need more resources as they are updated. Short of upgrading your computer with more memory or even replacement, here are some tips to enhance your computer’s performance:

  • Close unnecessary programs to free up processing power.  This might sound simple, but have you ever got to the end of the day and realised that there are so many windows open? If you’ve got a laptop, it might be days before it’s restarted because you simply close the lid when you are finished work. Instead, reboot the computer periodically to clear system memory and resources.
  • Allow us to schedule scans and updates during off-hours to avoid slowing down your system. We also proactively reboot machines.
  • Our comprehensive malware removal tools ensure your system is free of software that could degrade performance.

6. Sudden System Shutdowns

An unexpected shutdown can be alarming, indicating potential overheating or hardware failure. Here are some preventive measures:

  • Ensure your computing environment is clean and well-ventilated.  If you’re working at home, try not to use your laptop on your knees or a cushion for extended periods of time.
  • Regular maintenance checks can prevent dust buildup that may cause overheating.  When our Brighton helpdesk opens up laptops, there is usually a substantial amount of dust build-up on the fans.  If possible, try not to use your laptop in a dusty environment.
  • If you suspect a virus, it’s critical to contact our Brighton IT Support helpdesk immediately for a security assessment.

7. Printer Connection Issues

Printer issues can be surprisingly disruptive, especially when documents are needed urgently. Here’s how to troubleshoot common printer problems:

  • Ensure the printer is switched on and connected correctly.
  • Check if someone else can print; this will help determine if the issue is with the printer or your connection to it.
  • Our IT support can remotely access your system to resolve connectivity issues or guide you through troubleshooting steps.

8. Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet connection can hinder various operations, affecting everything from email communication to cloud-based applications. Here are ways to improve your internet speed:

  • Perform an online speed test and ask a colleague to do the same to compare results.
  • Consider upgrading outdated network equipment or moving closer to the WiFi router.
  • We offer tailored solutions to enhance your network for optimal speed and reliability, including WiFi extenders and upgraded routers. As one of the highest-rated IT companies in Brighton, we are also experts in Unifi WiFi installations and support.

9. Frequent Loss of Wireless Connection

Intermittent wireless connectivity can disrupt your workday and slow down your productivity. Here’s how to stabilise your connection:

  • Check if the router is overloaded; reducing the number of connected devices may help.
  • Investigate if the issue persists on different devices to rule out device-specific problems.
  • We can conduct a detailed network analysis to identify and rectify the root cause of intermittent connections.

10. USB Device Not Recognised

USB connectivity issues can arise from various sources, whether it’s the device, the port, or the drivers. Here’s how to troubleshoot when your USB device is not recognised:

  • Test the device in a different port to rule out a faulty USB port.
  • Avoid using USB extension cables as they can cause connectivity issues.
  • If the problem persists on other machines, the device itself may be faulty. Our team can help troubleshoot and advise on suitable replacements if necessary.

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Facing IT challenges doesn’t have to disrupt your business. There are a few IT companies in Brighton and Ingenio Technologies is here to provide expert IT support and solutions that keep your operations running smoothly. If you’re a company in Brighton or Sussex, contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your productivity and solve IT problems efficiently with our IT Support services.