The Top Tech Gadgets for the Office

These tech gadgets for the office are sure to make your work life more efficient and fun! If you are already using any, make sure to let us know.

  1. Alexa / Amazon Echo

Want to organise a meeting? Ask Alexa to check your Calendar if you’re available. Need to order office supplies? Ask Alexa. You can also ask create to-dos and take notes handsfree!


  1. VoIP Phone system

VoIP telephones don’t look much different from your average business phones, but it’s clear that VoIP is more versatile and dramatically cheaper.  With the VoIP telephone market rising and an increasing number of businesses in the South East moving to it, it seems reasonable to consider what it is and how it can help your business.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, simply meaning it’s a telephone system delivered over the internet. To set up a VoIP telephone, users will plug the phone into an internet router via a cable, rather than a traditional telephone line. Users can then use the phone to its fullest – It’s that simple.

The main difference between VoIP and a traditional phone system revolves around the flexibility and the cost. The upfront costs are significantly lower than that of their traditional rival. Call costs are some of the cheapest around and in many cases calls are free! Especially in the case of calls abroad. Here are other differences between the two phones.

  1. Smart Board

A Smartboard is the next level up from your average whiteboard. With multitouch collaboration, you can have more than one person drawing up a plan. Not just for schools, Smartboards have a great place in business meetings, especially brainstorms or creative sessions.


  1. Fingerprint entry system


Benefits of a fingerprint entry system include only your staff being able to access the premises without ringing or knocking on your door. For guests, key thobs can be allocated which will give them access for the length they need it. It will also track when staff enter the building, so you can know who is on time to work every day.

The Top Tech Gadgets for the Office Ingenio

  1. Ring Video Doorbell


Want to see who’s at your door when the doorbell rings? You can with this video door bell. You can link it to an app on your phone. The video is crystal-clear 720HD, and also allows two-way communication with noise cancellation.

You can also connect it to Alexa!

The Top Tech Gadgets for the Office Ingenio


  1. Air Bar


Make your Laptop, Macbook or PC monitor touch screen, by putting this usb attachment at the bottom of your screen!

The Top Tech Gadgets for the Office Ingenio

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  1. Cassette

Transcribe meetings, interviews and general notes in real time with this app.

The Top Tech Gadgets for the Office Ingenio

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And there you have it. Some clever tech to use around the office. If you’re thinking about using any in the office, let us know!