Why You Should be Using Customer Feedback Software such as SmileBack.

By Simon Smyth, Director


In our current world, reviews of consumer products commonplace and many companies measure how they are perceived as a whole, but not enough companies are measuring client satisfaction of their own services in order to improve.  Many companies that do measure their client’s reactions, do so by sending out lengthy surveys (ever been on question 1 of 50?!).

Here at Ingenio Technologies, we want to know that our clients are receiving amazing support from our colleagues on the helpdesk.  In the past, we used a survey built into the ticketing system which yielded 6% responses, but there wasn’t any real way of reporting on this afterwards, so it brought no value at all.

So, what’s the alternative?

Humans love visuals. Social Science Research Network said that 65% of us are visual learners, so it makes sense to have something pop out.  We also know that time is limited, so we wanted something short & sweet but also gave us meaningful results. Enter SmileBack…

After every support request is completed, the image above is sent. The person who requested the support can then simply click on one of the faces and has the option to write a comment if they want.  We now get a consistent 50% response.  This brings the following benefits:

Instant feedback: We are alerted to problems, often out of our control, in real time. We follow up with a phone call to all neutral or negative feedback and make the necessary changes.  This results in all clients knowing that their opinions matter.

Transparency: The real-time results are displayed on a TV Dashboard in our office for all to see. This is important to remind everyone that client satisfaction is our number one priority.

Employee Satisfaction: The guys and girls on helpdesk get a pat on the back when positive feedback is received.  We also review the best feedback and include this on our internal Friday newsletter.  Stand-out service needs to be rewarded.

Reporting and analysis: As well as having real-time dashboards, we also review the previous weeks, months and years to make sure we are hitting our KPIs

Marketing: We’re proud of our positive responses, so we make sure we let prospects know our results.

Results for January 2017


Technology is being recognised as one of the most important aspects of a business as we progress into the future. These statistics show how small to medium businesses use technology.


Why Should You be Using Customer Feedback Software?


Different from testimonials, tracking customer feedback on individual assignments can really benefit your business in a number of ways.

You are able to get an idea of how your business is perceived by people outside your company, and you can judge what is truly valued in day-to-day customer requests.

For example, our clients value our speedy response, efficiency and calm nature of the helpdesk. We wouldn’t know this if we were not using customer feedback software; SmileBack.

As you can see below, on the homepage of the software it displays the overall key metrics. Using customer feedback software tells you how many times your clients have given you feedback and how many positive, neutral and negative reactions you have received over time.

We are very focused on our client satisfaction which is why we are proud of our 97.4% positive feedback rate.


Other benefits of using customer feedback software:

  • You are able to improve your service based on common feedback trends
  • Customers feel that their opinions matter
  • It can really show the true value of your customer service.
  • It is a reliable source of information to potential clients.

There are many ways to go about collecting client feedback. Every time we resolve a client request, our system will automatically email them with an option to choose one of three smiley faces. Clients also have the option to write a brief review of the service. When this is submitted, our CSAT software is automatically updated with the new response.