Why should my business provide Cyber Security Training?

Cyber Security Training

Whether you have a small business with a few employees or a large business with hundreds of employees. What every business has in common is that all their employees work off the same network.

Do you know how much each individual employee knows about Cyber Security? Unless they are currently having regular training in Cyber Security, their knowledge could be limited.

Lack of training for your employees has the potential to be the biggest risk for your business when it comes to a data breach. With the correct training your employees can be the first line of defence to help protect your business and prevent a cyber attack from taking place.

How easy is it to trigger a data breach?

Email is often the most common way of communicating in the business world. We are all so used to sending, opening and automatically clicking on a link or opening an attachment.

Did you know that some of these emails will contain malicious attachments or links? All it takes is for one employee to click on the wrong link or open one of these malicious attachments for the malware to be unleashed onto their computer and then the whole network. This type of cyber attack is called Phishing.

A hacker will then have access to EVERYTHING – Confidential information, client details, data, files etc. Often the hacker will lock you out of your own business network and will hold it ransom, so you have to pay in order to get it back – but don’t be fooled, even if you pay it, there is no guarantee that you will get it back. They may demand ever increasing amounts of money knowing that you’ve paid once. They are criminals after all!

Cost of a data breach

Think about how much disruption this data breach will cause your business. Everyone will have to stop working, clients/customers will stop being served, and overall, everything will come to a standstill. This will not only cause you a lot of stress but will also cost your business a lot of money. The average cyber attack costs £19,400.

A data breach could be catastrophic for your business, but there are many ways that you can prevent this from happening. One way is Cyber Security Training.

What is Cyber Security Training?

Through Cyber Security Training, employees will be able to identify the different methods of cyber attacks and how to prevent them from happening. The more they understand the severity of Cyber Security, the more cautious they will be when opening an email next time.

Benefits of Cyber Security Training

The benefits of Cyber Security training far outweigh the small cost and amount of time it will take for employees to carry out the training. Listed below is a number of benefits:

Educated confident employees

Armed with the proper knowledge, your employees can be the first defence to detect threats themselves. You don’t want your employees second-guessing their actions. If they know what a phishing email looks like, they’re less likely to ponder opening the suspicious message. They’ll instead delete it straight away.

Secure business

Trained staff = secure business. Making your team aware of the many threats that exist, from data breaches to ransomware, will keep them from making simple mistakes that could threaten the safety of your organisation.

Protect your profit

As previously mentioned, the cost of a data breach is not cheap, and therefore cyber security training for your team is a wise investment. Excellent cyber security training is well worth it if it prevents even a single attack.

Reduced Data Loss, Malware Infections, potential Cyber Theft

Staff training will reduce the biggest cause of a cyber threat – do you remember who that is? Yes, your employees and anyone within your business. This can be a new employee with little to no experience, all the way through to an experienced CEO. Everyone will learn how to protect the company and themselves.

As a Managed IT Support company, we truly believe in making all businesses aware of the threat Cyber attacks and how important Cyber Security is for survival of a business.

Rolling out Cyber Security Training for your employees is straight forward. Contact us to speak to one of our Cyber Security experts – Call 01273 806211 or email [email protected]