Windows 10 – sign up now?

Have you signed up for the free download of Windows 10 in the pop up that ‘just appeared’?

If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, let me explain….

Microsoft’s next release of its Operating system will be Windows 10, available from 29th July. Business users have been reluctant to move from Windows 7 to Windows 8, so Microsoft are offering the upgrade to Windows 10 for free, for a year.  What’s more, Microsoft have quietly pushed out a little program that gives you the option of signing up for the free download so you get it, automatically, almost immediately after it is released.

We’ve investigated the preview and we like it, but do you really want to be an early adopter?  History tells us that it takes at least a few months to iron out unforeseen niggles, so unless you’re a risk taker we don’t advise playing ‘Russian Windows Roulette’ just yet.  In the past, upgrading has broken line of business applications, corrupted drivers (because new ones weren’t written yet) and caused blue screens or reboots.  The problem is, it often takes a while for software writers to catch up and write new software, and in some cases, they write new versions that you have to pay to upgrade to. Let the dust settle and let everyone else find the problems first.

I’m a business user, when should I update?

Microsoft marketing wants us to feel like we should update, but do you need to?  Windows 7 was the first Microsoft operating system to be extremely stable.  Further, it is fast and has full support until 2020 (see here for dates).  Unless you need the new features, it probably doesn’t make sense to upgrade.  If you are a windows 8.1 user, then you may want the old style start menu that comes with Windows 10.

Windows 10?  What happened with Windows 9?

Good question. No one really knows. James Plafke over at ExtremeTech suggests that the number 9 is unlucky in Japan and Microsoft’s Terry Myerson suggested that Windows One would have made sense alongside Xbox one, one drive, one note, but as it had already been done, they couldn’t use it.  Maybe Windows 10 is just the next best thing? The real version number for Windows 10 will be 6.4, so we probably shouldn’t get to wound up over names!

I’m a Ingenio Technologies Managed IT customer, what should I do?

We’ll block the pop up and reverse any upgrades you may have selected.  Once Windows 10 has been fully tested, we’ll discuss the needs of your business and control the upgrades where necessary.  Most likely we’ll upgrade one computer and make sure the devices on your network still work and that your line of business applications still run as expected.  Give me a ring on 01273 806211 if you’re concerned.


If you’re a business based in Brighton or the surrounding areas and you’re interested in learning more about Windows 10, then please give me, Simon, a ring on 01273806211.