You’ll never guess what click bait really is…

Exactly that. Hah. Got you.

Click bait is an online term used when an article, email or video has extremely persuasive language surrounding it externally, with the purpose of gaining your view. Here are some examples:

• Who knew the secret to business could be so simple?
• Hi [name], I thought you ought to know this…
• You won’t be the same after reading this article.

Yes, click bait can get you more views on your article, but it can also raise your bounce rate.

(A bounce rate is defined by the percentage of visits that go on one page only before exiting a site)

If you want to find out more about bounce rates, and other metrics you should be tracking on your site, click here.

Click bait is becoming increasingly frowned upon. And for good reason! It’s preying on our curiosity, vulnerability and short attention span.

The best reason for people to click into your article is that they want to know more about what you have to say. Click bait can eradicate this organic intention.

Instead of using click bait, we should focus on creating engaging headlines that resonates with our target audience.

However, this is not enough!

The first few lines to need to be powerful, enticing and show how the article can bring value to the reader. Only this way will you get your visitor to read on.

To find out how to create headlines that sell, and content that sparks interest, you can click on the link below:

How to create a headline that people click on – and a blog that people stay on.


By Jake Wharton
Marketing Assistant