2020 Recap – What a Crazy and Testing Year for Technology!

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This year has been difficult for everyone, that’s for sure.

We’ve all been tested and challenged in our personal and working lives. Perhaps you’ve learnt more about yourself than ever before.

Businesses have had to adapt immensely this year. Without Technology, this wouldn’t have been possible.

As a managed IT support Company in Brighton, we played a big part in this.

Many areas within the technology industry have been heightened this year due to the pandemic – these include the following:

Working from home

Think back to March when we were all told that we couldn’t leave our homes unless it was essential.

Everything was put on hold and we all had to adapt to working from home.

How did you and your business manage?

Through providing managed IT support we were able to assist our clients and make sure they had an easy transition.

Working from home is definitely going to be a part of our future, not everyone will go back to the office full time. We’ve learnt that it’s just not necessary anymore.

Without IT support you may not have had the smoothest time when working from home, this would have caused unnecessary stress for you.

Imagine if you could hand over that stress?

We can take that stress and manage everything IT for your business.

If you’re thinking about IT support, check out what we have to offer here or contact us and see how we can help you – 01273 806211.

Cyber security is on the rise

Over the years, cybercrime has been on the rise, although there has been a 31% increase since the pandemic started.

Cyber security may not be your current priority with everything going on. Cybercriminals know that businesses are dropping their guard and are taking full advantage of the situation.

Every 19 seconds a small business in the UK is hacked.

This has resulted in UK businesses being targeted and losing millions to cyber scams, this year alone.

Cyber Security is a scary topic, if you do not feel prepared or would like to be educated more contact us.

You need an experienced Cyber Security company to keep you safe. We provide Cyber Security in Brighton, contact us today – 01273 806211.

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