5 easy ways to speed up your pc

It’s happened to all of us, having a slow pc. It’s not as fast as it was last week perhaps, and we just want to get it back up to normal. Luckily there are some easy ways to get your computer back up to speed!

1. Programs

•Some programs run in the background and take up processing power. To close these down hold Ctrl + Alt + Del and then choose task manager. If you are on Windows 10 you will now need to click ‘More details’ and it will show you a list of all the programs taking up CPU on your pc. (CPU means Computer usage). Simply choose ‘End task’ of all the unneeded programs.

•Some programs unnecessarily start when you turn your PC on. To make sure this doesn’t happen follow the same process as above but when you get to task manager and click more details, click the ‘Start up’ tab. You can disable any programs starting up when you turn on your computer through this.

2. Restart your PC

•At least once a week to close any unwanted processes that may be open. This tip was featured on our first ever #Techtip series which you can find throughout here.

3. Check for bugs or viruses

•This can often be a reason for a slow PC, bugs such as spyware could be taking up processing power so it’s best to frequently run an anti-virus program at least once a week. We’re always up for a chat about Security and Anti-virus if you want to talk.

4. Get rid of unwanted files

•Do you really need that old spice girl discography? Give your PC a spring clean and clear up some space that is taking up your storage space.

5. Upgrade your memory

•Increasing your PC’s memory reduces the need to write and read to the hard drive, ultimately resulting in increased computer speed.

There you go! Some quick and easy ways to get make your PC faster.

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