5 things you should be asking about your IT company

Choosing the right IT Company isn’t simple. Ensuring they are the right fit for your business can often be a tedious endeavour.

However, by asking these 5 questions, your choices will be narrowed down and you will have a better understanding of the type of IT company you need.

Here are 5 questions you should be asking about your IT company.


1. Do they test your backups?


How quickly can they provide back up? And can they prove it? Outsourced IT companies should be testing your backup at least once a month. It’s getting more and more important nowadays to have your data backed up in the event of a disaster, cyber-attack or hardware/software failure.


2. What’s the size of the company?


You’ll find there is often a lot of ‘one man bands’ in the south east whom give the impression they are a lot larger. This can be an issue for your company’s coverage when they are absent or on holiday leave. As a business, having a dedicated team behind your IT is highly desired, and if a member of that team were to go on holiday you would still be covered by the other engineers.

3. How responsive are they?


A common issue people have with their IT companies is that they aren’t responsive enough. This is highly disappointing. Responsiveness is what a business needs in the event of an urgent IT issue or query and waiting around for long periods of time for it to be fixed shouldn’t be an option. Check an IT companies testimonials and reviews for an idea of how responsive they are.


4. Have they got good communication?


Do you have to chase them on the progression of an issue, or do they just let you know? Good IT companies should have a CRM (customer relationship management) system that logs calls so that nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten. They should also have SLA’s (service level agreement) about the waiting time for an issue to be addressed. Here at Ingenio Technologies, we have a 1 hour response time SLA.


5. Have they got a good client retention rate?


A good indicator of how well an IT company services its clients is their customer retention rate. Here at Ingenio Technologies, we are proud to have a client retention rate of 98% for the past 5 years and counting!

Why do we have a 98% client retention rate? Find out here.


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