Benefits of using Ingenio Lightbulb

Benefits of using Ingenio Lightbulb

We are excited to have recently launched our portal ‘Ingenio Lightbulb’. All our clients and their teams will benefit from this new tool. Our bespoke portal allows you to manage your IT environment in one simple to use place – saving time and hassle. With the aim to make technology simpler for everyone

Ingenio Lightbulb is now included in our fully managed plans and accessible via the desktop app or web browser. The portal can be used for many different things including; training, access to support and asset management.

There are many benefits to using Lightbulb and we encourage all our clients to make sure they and their team use it for a simpler working day. In this blog we explain exactly what it does, let’s get straight into it…

What does Lightbulb do?

Raise and see support tickets

If you need support, you can call up the helpdesk or send an email to support@. Our friendly helpdesk will then respond and assign a technician to your ticket. All stages and updates are recorded on the ticket, which is incredibly helpful so you can see what’s going on.

Within the Ingenio Lightbulb, to save you time, you can raise a new ticket and review any previous issues you may have had, all in one place. All tickets are displayed in a chat like format – a bit like messages on your phone. This gives you your time back to do the things that matter to you.


Included with Ingenio Lightbulb is our online university, populated with a number of free courses to help your staff on their learning journey. The university is fully customisable, allowing you to input your own courses aswell. A number of our existing customers have incorporated the courses into their onboarding process.

With a variety of learning materials including; videos, quizzes, knowledge base and guides. Our bespoke courses can be designed so that everyone within your team will benefit and continue learning new skills. Some topic examples are below:


  • Office 365 – There‘s a variety of different courses on Office 365, from learning the basics to in-depth courses on each application, for example – Excel, OneNote, Teams, Word, Project, and Outlook.
  • Cyber Security – Cyber crime and hacking are on the rise, so educating yourself and employees about online threats, and how to spot and prevent them is essential.
  • Customer Service – Customer experience should be the driver behind everything you do. This is especially true when it comes to improving overall satisfaction from clients.

License management

View your Office 365 licensing, all in one place, making reconciliation a breeze. Allowing you to see all your licenses, what they are and who they are assigned to.

Asset management

Track all your IT assets – laptops, desktops, and servers. This will provide all the details eg. age, spec that allow you to maintain your IT systems to the best of their capability.

View invoices

Your finance team’s dream has come true, the portal enables you to view current and past invoices, as well as quotes within seconds.

Technology roadmap planner

A planning tool that will allow you to focus on your technology changes over a period of time – eg. replacing devices. This will help enable you to budget for the future and avoid hidden costs.

Change management

To make communication easier with your IT partner, you can request changes, quotes, and ask for services through the channel. Which includes a bespoke staff onboarding and offboarding process. All are designed to enable you to make changes quickly and efficiently.


We want to create more transparency between us and our clients. With the compliance module, it will highlight productivity bottlenecks, compliance issues, continuity problems, security issues, and more. So, you can always see areas your business could improve.

Bespoke to you

Whether there are certain applications that you use regularly, we can install this within the Ingenio Lightbulb app so you can access it with a click of a button. The Ingenio Lightbulb app can be tailored to your needs, to help improve your efficiency and productivity while working.

There you have it, a rough overview of our new Ingenio Lightbulb portal. We encourage all clients to work from within this application, a one-stop shop for your IT management. Using our new portal will help you get the best out of your IT systems which will save you time and hassle.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of how to use the portal get in touch on 01273 806211 or email [email protected].