7 Ways to Destress at Work (Really)

October 7th, 2016 Share

Destress at work? Impossible! At least that’s how it might feel when you’re pounding the pavement and putting your nose to the grindstone to meet your ambitious goals. But stress can impede progress. As popular as it is to say that hustle is the only way to win, hustling in the wrong way can actually […]

4 Ways Cloud Solutions Can Save Your Business Money

For small to midsize businesses, budget-consciousness is imperative. Even though you need to keep up with the latest technological developments in your industry, you also need to make sure your tech resources remain cost-effective. IT companies in can provide your business with managed IT services at a consistent flat rate, providing you with an impressive range of services at prices that keep your operation financially competitive.

How much can a business lose through PC downtime? (Case Study)

It never occurred to me how much money is involved with PC downtime; that is, until it happened to the business I was working for.

I was working in a previous employment in the accountants department for a property management business.

Like a lot of businesses, it was incredibly important our work and data was secure, safe and supported.

How to set up an Out of Office Email

Setting up an out of office email with Outlook or Gmail.

Setting up automatic reply's whilst you are on leave is a must have. It shows your clients and prospects that you are unavailable to talk, rather than just thinking you didn’t reply. You can include when you’re going to come back for reassurance.

7 Olympic Strategies To Help Your Business Come In First

September 6th, 2016 Share

Perhaps no one understands how to dominate in a niche better than Olympians. These are the people who pour heart, soul, hours, grit and guts to get the glory of the Gold medal. The winning strategies employed to reach this world domination in the Rio Games work both on and off the field (or in […]

VoIP Telephones. An Introduction to VoIP

VoIP telephones; the sophisticated telephone system that eventually all businesses will move too.

VoIP telephones don’t look much different from your average business phones, but it’s clear that VoIP is more versatile and dramatically cheaper.  With the VoIP telephone market rising and an increasing number of businesses in the south east moving to it, it seems reasonable to consider what it is and how it can help your business.

An Ingenio Technologies Adventure

For our quarterly staff gathering this July, Ingenio Technologies arranged for a treetop journey at Go Ape in Crawley. We were informed to bring courage and a sense of adventure.
Tears and fears were high (Not naming anyone!) and adrenaline was flowing – and that was before we started the course!

Live Action Video at the end.