How to Enhance your Online Security with LastPass (For Free)

When it comes to online security, everyone should know these three things about inputting passwords online:

1. You shouldn’t use the same password for different accounts
2. Your password shouldn’t be simple (it should contain numbers, special characters and capitals)
3. You shouldn’t share your password with anyone (even writing them down on paper can be a social engineering issue)

So how do you find an easy and simple way to meet all 3 criteria?

The answer: LastPass


5 Apps every Business Owner and their Employees should use.

Is Pokemon Go Putting Your Corporate Network At Risk?

Have you heard your employees raving over catching Pikachu or desperate to find a Pokestop? Chances are, these employees are using your office as a hunting ground to build their army in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a game that has taken the world by storm.

Two new tools for defeating ransomware

A simple Google search of “ransomware” returns just over 9 million results. So, too, does a search for “Three Mile Island,” the location of the late-70’s Pennsylvania nuclear meltdown. And while we don’t mean to equate the near catastrophe of the latter to having your company’s data hijacked by computer hackers, ransomware can in many […]

5 things you should be asking about your IT company

Choosing the right IT Company isn’t simple. Ensuring they are the right fit for your business can often be a tedious endeavour.

However, by asking these 5 questions, your choices will be narrowed down and you will have a better understanding of the type of IT company you need.

What’s all the buzz about data?

If an IT consultant told you that backing up data is one of the most important things for your technical team to do well, you’d probably nod in agreement. But what if they suggested that your dirty data requires cleaning prior to utilization? One simple adjective like “dirty” may give you pause, and there’s a […]

What is a Managed Service Provider? (MSP)

A managed Service Provider (MSP) is an outsourced service provided by an IT support company that manages the whole of your business IT systems. Everything should be managed for you and would normally include anything that is connected to your network.

They service all your IT needs and requirements to ensure your business is running at its full potential when it comes to technology.

10 Timeless Ways to Improve SEO

SEO is the fickle big sister of online marketing. She’s constantly changing her mind about what’s important on a website and how to rank pages. With the ever-changing algorithms, how can you know what you should do to improve SEO for your business? There’s no shortage of SEO tactics.